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 Let's Be Real Ep.5

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Don Barian
Don Barian

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PostSubject: Let's Be Real Ep.5   Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:10 pm

Intro Song

Welcome to 'Let's Be Real' I'm your host The Don, make some noise!


Today we have... a bit of a controversial topic. It's been blowing up and discussed about on my 'Open Topics?' bar where you guys give me ideas to put on the show. So today's topic is thanks to Mr.Alexio, Asuya Youkai, Aichi Sendou, and the boss man himself, Jesse Anderson. Before I get start out, I got a small announcement to make. Uh... this is a spectator sport this children's card game and the one who put on the show is the competitors. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that there is a new clan that will be joining us in the up and coming days. Clan (immortal), member 'reaper' has made the rank of Tiger Yellow. With the soon to be clan addition approaching, will there be tension between (immortal) and (Aurora)? That is yet to be seen, and possibly awaited.

So let's get started, our topic to day is...


You never know who you're dueling most of the time, but to my research and experience, 69% (wink wink)of people who duel on are netdeckers. How do you know if you're dueling a netdecker? Not hard to answer. If you've been dueling and after the 3rd duel you see the same deck and strategy, you have yourself a netdecker. Mr.Alexio says,

"...there's no real duelists out there anymore, just netdeckers and people who run decks only because they win."

Such a bold statement and I am behind it 100%. He's right though, there are a shit ton of Lightsworn, Evliswarm, Constellar, Mermail etc. users who got their decks from online from someone else idea. This is where I back up my previous episode where I said that the fault goes to the idiots who put their decks online in the first place. Alexio goes on to say,
"...since the beginning of time, someone must do something first. example: first person to play laval quasar, first person to do gustkraken loop, first person to make teledad, etc."
He forgot to add the first person to spread the word about getting an deck online and spreading it. The silverlining to this is that we as skilled duelist are able to predict what happens on the next move and asses the situation. Asuya and Alexio discussed it further but the gist of what was to be the point is that supposedly people only netdeck to learn how to use the combinations which in my mnd is complete utter bullshit. It's rare you will ever find somebody telling you that they netdeck. It can't be done. Aichi Sendou says,
"i just stick to my custom decks."
I admire your contribute to the controversy my man, and I respect your play style, but from what I saw from the forum, no one gave a damn about your comment. Reason why is because you never here about someone using a custom made deck because that never happens with out 1 important factor; Inspiration.

At the end of the day, everyone who duels netdecks and no one should deny it. The deck(s) you are using right now had to be inspired from somewhere. Whether it was Youtube or watching a duel, no one's deck is custom personally made. And if you say different then you are in denial.

That's today's episode, I'm the Don reminding you that it ain't funny until the other guy rage quits. Piece out.
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Be Real Ep.5   Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:45 am

I just thought I would say something funny. One time I dueled a net decker in rated and it was so funny. He net decked a HAT deck I he had NO IDEA what he was doing. He was making misplays for days XD And it's funny too cause if he knew what he was doing id of had my ass handed to me. XP
Ex: Destroying artifacts on his turn, using mst from hand on my turn, haveing a set solemn and sanctum as well as a wiretap and not stopping my deadlyish combo that involved traps and monsters XD

Normally I don't care about net deckers and I also hold the opinion that u need to see how a real deck works before u can go off and make your own ideas and make ppl go wtf u doin brah but this just bad. Some people should start with a deck that's more at their lv >.>
Cause then u think the game is ruined cuz of how noobs everyone is and stop playing and BOOM dead ._.

Personal achievements:

I am one of the slowest men alive! (Lever10: You are slow Lever10: So... damn... slow...)

Link for da rainbows: http://patorjk.com/text-color-fader/
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Be Real Ep.5   

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Let's Be Real Ep.5
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