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 Let's Be Real Ep.2

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Don Barian
Don Barian

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PostSubject: Let's Be Real Ep.2   Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:28 pm

Intro Song

Welcome to 'Let's Be Real'! I'm your host The Don and I've got some shit I gotta get of my chest, this time about my experience and life here in Junction City, Kansas. Before I get into it a few shout outs are in order. Tonight comes from a couple fans of 'Let's Be Real' Team Aurora's Gajeel and the 2nd top poster of the RDA roster, Over 9000, Ab9999. They say call out to Jesse saying that he's a nub. I don't know about you guys, but with all nubs being called out like this, who's to say who isn't a nub in RDA anymore. Controversy, right? Also, Tvbeast's Team "Brotherhood of the Undead" just gained 2 new members. Jamandi and yours truly. Tvbeast hopes to challenge Jesse's team as soon as he gets prepared for war. *Hint hint, wink wink*

Anyway I'm not gonna take up to much time today imma just go on and say it, Kansas is broke as hell and boring. Scratch that, Junction City is. For starters, 2 summers ago, I was being driven home by my at the time girl friend's dad with her as well, no one had their seat belt on but tell me why the dad got a 10 dollar ticket but we get 60 dollar tickets? What kind of bullshit is that. With those kind of bills and shit controversial conspiracies, a hooker somewhere is giving out the best BJs for 50 bucks the gets dudes evicted from their apartments. But wait till you here this shit.

My ginger friend Heather, who has the height of 2 midgets put together, is applying for a job as a worker in the boys and girls club, which apparently is for every school in JC. I'll tell you this, JC isn't really that big of a town, but yet it ain't small either. Keep in mind high as tickets in this bitch, but you decide whether I should be pissed or not after this. She tells me, without hesitation, that the pay for this job is 13 dollars an hour. At first, I started laughing cuz I thought she was kidding, but then I looked at her face and all she did was smirk at me. It was then I knew...this bitch was fucking serious.

Holy fucking donkey balls, what the hell is going on!?? Where does Kansas let alone Junction City have that kind of money to pay people, scratch that, an 18 year old that kind of mullah? That's fucking drug money investments! No seriously, if I kidnap somebody and take their kidney, or toenail, or even stoop so low as to take their semen or ovaries, I would get paid like this midget chick. The system is really shitting on me right now. And here I am applying to be a skating rink clerk and then this chick wants to get 13 dollars an hour! This chick is adorable and all, but that was a goddamned dick move she pulled....Great now I feel like as if I need to give 50 dollar BJs to one up here, but pause bitch I ain't gonna look at you while I do it. Fucking 13 dollars an hour. That's total bullshit.

Before I go a few words from a good friend of mine Kaga Kaga Kaga, aka iryche, saying that, "There is no backrow, when you're Livin' Like Larry." You know what, imma steal somethin' from my man Rob Derdek. Let's hashtag that and see how many people tweet back. #Livin'LikeLarryLikeABossAssBitch

Piece Out!

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Be Real Ep.2   Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:17 pm

*ab is speechless and, after a minute of standing there, walks away into the distant sunset* *As he is walking away, he shouts "LEV IS A HUGE NUB!!" and lives happily ever after*

Personal achievements:

I am one of the slowest men alive! (Lever10: You are slow Lever10: So... damn... slow...)

Link for da rainbows: http://patorjk.com/text-color-fader/
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Be Real Ep.2   

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Let's Be Real Ep.2
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