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 Let's Be Real Ep.3

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Don Barian
Don Barian

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PostSubject: Let's Be Real Ep.3   Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:15 am

Intro Song

Welcome to 'Let's Be Real' I'm your host The Don, give it up one time.


Today we have a rant filled episode for ya, and I caution you that viewer discretion is advised. You know how I like to run my mouth and talk shit so you're gonna get that a lot here today. Today's shout out comes from Muh1 and Team Aurora's Gajeel saying that Team Aurora member Pleiades is the laziest tester. Muh1 says that if you don't believe him, check his last test July 27. #TeamAuroraIntervention.

So let's jump right into it, today's topic is by far our most popular topic talked about in RDA. Noobs. So yesterday, I was in a Challonge tournament, and thankfully the last spot was taken by another guy cuz I almost dragged my man Jamandi into the crap I later got into. So I won my first duel and then my second duel was against the host of the tourney. He had to make a second account because the one where he was recruiting people for his tournament was banned. So I was watching the other participants' duels back and forth waiting for our "esteemed" host since he was dueling someone else at the time. I went to his duel to see what was taking so long, when I got there it was like a WTAH (what the actual hell) moment.

This would be one of those times where I'd say I can't make this up, but this time I've got names to back up that statement. So the host "samimwali' (stupid name) was dueling a friend a guess. Let's stop right there for a sec.


Let me tell you how I could rate a guys duelist skill or how well he could do against me. I look at the number of cards in his deck and extra deck. Gives me a pretty good idea of what I'm dealing with. This MORON was dueling with 60 cards and 5 in his extra deck. Holy fucking hell, I don't give a damn, no I don't give 2 shits if that's profiling but that is a goddamn noob like a boss. So next thing I looked at was the fields and grave. sami had a Dark Grepher on the field and a Yubel 2nd Stage in his grave. His friend had a Neos Alius on his field and right next to it was Andro Sphinx and a reinforcement of the army in the grave.

Okay, at that point I absorbed enough information to assume something was wrong with this duel. Screw the card number, this idiot of a host told me when I asked how he got the card on the field, he simply said idk. Yea this guy is a real fucking winner ain't he. I'm pretty sure if you're gonna host a tournament, you'd at least know the fundamentals of a fucking children's card game you "not knowing what the fuck you're doing bitch." Oh "dumb ass child noob bitch." "Still got your momma's nipple in your mouth child ass bitch." I'll Kevin Hart your ass all day you best believe that!


So the next turn, his friend slapped down another Andro Sphinx. Sometimes, I love watch noobs duel so I could have the satisfaction of shitting all over their confidence when I hit that OTK. So I told the guy to leave so we could go on with our match. Our duel lasted 2 minutes of nothing but complete annihilation with my Star Seraphs. Supposedly his internet died on him dueling the duel. before he told me I already moved myself up the brackets but he made me duel him again. "Sore losing, punk ass bitch." So we duel again and he tried using Yubel, but that's what Shadow Mirror is for. Then he tried being all friendly saying I'm "good." Oh you "hardcore ass kissing bitch." If you're gonna take a loss don't try pretending you didn't get your ass beat. But then he demanded a rematch and I declined because I had won already.

Not like I really cared what happened afterwards but he kicked me from the tournament being all butt hurt cuz he got poned by a superior. That was as childish as this diss war with Eminem and an old ass man. So I played along and argued back at him. He asked me, "Why are you catching feelings?" What the fuck does that even mean, "catching feelings?" Sounds like he saying AIDs or some shit. Then the bitch decided to start saying how rich he was and all this bullshit. So then I compromised, samimwali is a "No talent, lonely, noob ass, punk ass, bitch ass, don't know what he doin' ass, 60 card havin' ass, lyin' ass, good for nothing when it comes to dueling ass, always has a tissue box and lotion bottle at his side with a computer in front of him, momma nipple sucking, noob bitch! And I dare one of you people watching this to say that I can't say all of that fast. I would prove your ass wrong like scientist proved Hawking's black hole theory wrong. Fuck with my free time and prepare to have your mind, body and soul butt fucked by 1000 barbed wired Kuriboh's all piling inside your asshole only to fly out of you mouth. Which only proves the point that you walk what's in your ass, SHIT!

[Applause/Cheers/Hysterical Laughter]

That's if for today's show, I'm the Don. If you want a topic of yours talked about here on 'Let's Be Real', send me a PM and I'll rant my mouth off for your entertainment. Piece out!
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message
The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message
The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Be Real Ep.3   Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:41 pm

don barian wrote:
"not knowing what the fuck you're doing bitch." Oh "dumb ass child noob bitch." "Still got your momma's nipple in your mouth child ass bitch." I'll Kevin Hart your ass all day you best believe that!
dude i love this xD
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Be Real Ep.3   

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Let's Be Real Ep.3
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