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 The Beginning of the N: Chapter 10

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PostSubject: The Beginning of the N: Chapter 10   Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:27 pm

N sat in his room, with a blank expression on his face, watching his airplane fly in circles. Anthea and Concordia were in his room, trying to keep him entertained. They seemed to be about five, six, and seven at the time.

“Don't you want to play something, N?” asked Anthea, looking through N's toy-box, trying to find something he'd want to play with them. N gave her no answer.

“Maybe you'd like to hear a story?” asked Concordia, sitting down a stack of books she bought into N's room. N loved it when his sister read stories to him, but he didn't seem interested today.

“Don't you want to do anything today, N?” asked Anthea. N then stopped watching his airplane and looked at his sisters.

“Why am I not allowed to leave my room?” he asked.

Concordia sighed. “N, I've told you many times. It's because father says so.” she said

“But why?” he asked.

“Because he wants to keep you safe.” she said.

“But Connie, you and Annie are allowed to leave your room. If I'm not allowed to leave my room to keep me safe, why are you two allowed to leave your rooms? Does father not want to keep you safe too?” he asked. He was a very persistent child.

“Dammit N....” she thought to herself. She couldn't counter that if her life depended on it.

“He has a point, Concordia. It isn't fair that he's shut in here all day, while we're allowed to leave our rooms.” said Anthea.

“See? Annie knows I'm right. So why not let me leave my room?” he asked.

“N, we can't just go against fathers orders. What if we get caught?” asked Concordia.

“Don't be so bossy, Concordia!” exclaimed Anthea.

“You're outnumbered two to one, Connie.” said N. “So, can we? Please?” he asked, sitting in her lap, making an impossibly cute face.

“Aww! How can you say no to a face like that?” said Anthea.

“Fine! But if we get caught, don't say I didn't warn you!” exclaimed Concordia. She was not pleased with this at all.

“So, where would you like to go, N?” asked Anthea, as they began leaving N's room.

“Anywhere other than here. I want to explore the castle.” he said.

The three kids left N's room, but before they got far, they saw a door open, then Ghetsis came out.

“So, my dear children, you dare revolt against my orders.” he said, as he shut his door.

As Ghetsis approached the kids, they stepped back in fear. They had been caught, just like Concordia said they would be.

“W-We're sorry father!” stuttered Anthea.

Ghetsis ignored her, stooped down, and hit N in the face with the back of his fist. He hit him so hard, N was knocked several feet back and crashed into the wall.

“N!” cried Anthea and Concordia.

Ghetsis continued approaching N. He wasn't even close to done. Anthea ran over to N, cradling his head in her lap. Concordia stepped in front of N, ready to protect him.

“Please, father! Don't hurt him!” she cried.

“Would you like to suffer your fate first?” he asked.

“Please, father! It's not his fault! It was my idea to let him leave his room, he was only listening to me!” she cried.

“No it wasn't!” cried N and Anthea at the same time.

“It's okay, you two.” said Concordia, looking at her little brother and sister with a weak smile. “I don't want you two trying to take the blame for me.” she said.

N and Anthea's eyes widened in shock. They couldn't believe their sister was taking the blame for them. There's no telling what their father might do to her. Ghetsis was not pleased.

“To think I always thought you were a responsible girl.” said Ghetsis, dragging her into his room, slamming the door behind him.

“N! Wake up! Please wake up!” cried Anthea and Concordia.

N's eyes slowly opened. His sisters screams had finally awakened him. N looked around him. He was in bed, in a room in the Pokemon Center. He sat up, then immediately threw up. His sisters were sitting on the bed with him, so his vomit got all over Anthea.

“Sorry...” he said.

“I guess I should've been prepared for that.” she said, trying to wipe it off her clothes, but it was way too much. She was going to need a complete change of clothes.

“N, are you alright?” asked Concordia, placing her hand on his forehead.

“I'm fine, I think. What happened? Wasn't I attacked by Altaria?” he asked.

“You were put to sleep by a Jumpluff, then a Gengar used Nightmare on you. You were screaming and thrashing around the whole time you were sleep. Are you alright?” she asked.

“I'm fine now, I think.” he said. “Nightmare...that explains my dream.” he thought to himself.

“What were you dreaming about anyway? You really scared me.” asked Anthea.

N certainly didn't want to remind them of that day. “I....I don't really remember.” he lied.

Meanwhile, back in the Nacrene City Museum....

Angie, Brad, Mei, and three other Team Plasma Grunts were in the museum, surrounding the dragon fossil. White and Lenora stood side by side, ready to fight them off.

“Hold up! Enough fooling around!” said Lenora.

“So you've decided to come, Gym Leader.” said Brad.

“We, Team Plasma, claim this museums Dragon Skull in the name of Pokemon liberation!” exclaimed Mei.

“That skull weighs over 600 pounds! You can't seriously intend on getting it out of here!” said Lenora.

“Oh but we are. To show you how serious we are, we'll steal it right before your eyes! Now, everyone, use your smoke balls! ” said Angie.

“Plasma! Plasma! Plasma!” shouted all six Team Plasma Grunts at once, as they they each threw a smoke ball. As soon as the smoke balls touched the floor, the entire museum was covered in smoke. When the smoke disappeared a few minutes later, the skull and each Team Plasma Grunt where nowhere to be found.

“They're gone!” cried White.

“What the hell is going on?!” asked Lenora, as she ran out of the museum as fast as she could. White ran off after her.

Outside the gym, White and Lenora found a man with brown hair, wearing a pink scarf, green shirt, and tight, red pants, with dark and light green stripes.

“Good day, Lenora! Find any good fossils lately?” he asked.

“This is a surprise visit! Are you suffering from artist's block again?” she asked. “Oh, White, this is Burgh. He's the Castelia City Gym Leader.” she explained.

“Eh? Nah, just looking for a change of pace.” he said. “Seems about hectic around here. Whats up?” he asked.

“What's up? Some freaks just ran off with an exhibit, that's what!” she shouted.

Then, Bianca and Cheren came.

“Oh, hi White! What's going on here?” asked Bianca.

“Some kind of problem show up?” asked Cheren.

“Team Plasma just stole an exhibit from the museum!” said White.

“And you two are....?” asked Lenora.

“Oh! I'm Bianca, White's friend!” said Bianca.

“And I'm Cheren.” said Cheren. “So, what's the plan for retrieving this exhibit?” he asked.

“We'll have to split up. I'll search back on Route 3, Cheren, Bianca, you two guard the museum incase they come back, and White, you and Burgh search in Pinwheel Forest. I'm counting on all of you! ” said Lenora, as she ran off.

“So all we have to do is watch the museum incase those guys come back, right?” said Cheren, as and Bianca went inside.

“Right, White, was it? Ready to round up these robbers?” he asked.

“Heck yeah!” she exclaimed, following burgh to the forest.

To be continued....
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The Beginning of the N: Chapter 10
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