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 The Beginning of the N: Chapter 3

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PostSubject: The Beginning of the N: Chapter 3   Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:32 am

Character updates this chapter:

Zorua and Tepig crouched down, glaring at each other as their hearts began to race, preparing for the battle ahead.

“Tepig, use Ember!” commanded White. Tepig inhaled, then exhaled, shooting out sparks of bright red flames towards Zorua.

“Zorua, dodge it, then use Fury Swipes!!” shouted N. Zorua swiftly rolled to the side, avoiding Tepigs attack, then ran towards Tepig at full speed, slashing its claws towards it.

“Tepig, run out of the way!” shouted White.

“Fleeing will do you no good against us! Zorua, use Pursuit!” commanded N. Tepig began fleeing from Zorua's Fury Swipes, but this was proved to be a fruitless effort, as Zorua quickly teleported behind Tepig, then slashed Tepigs back, hard.

Te-tep-ig!” screamed Tepig, falling to the ground in pain. Zorua gracefully returned to where N stood, thinking the battle was over.

“Tepig, come on, get up! You can't go down in just one hit!” White shouted. Tepig struggled, barely managing to get back on her feet.

“Still fighting, I see.” said N. As the battle continued, Anthea and Concordia suddenly noticed what N was doing, and slowly walked over to him.

“He's battling! He must be training for the gym battle, I told you we should train our Pokemon first!” exclaimed Anthea. N completely ignored them and continued the battle.

“Tepig, now use Flame Charge!” White cried. Tepigs entire body was suddenly engulfed in bright red flames, as it charged at full speed towards Zorua.

“Zorua!” N shouted. He could tell Zorua wasn't going to be able to dodge the attack, so he jumped in front of Zorua, but his arms in front of his body to defend himself, and took the full blow of of the attack. The impact of the attack knocked him several feet back, and he fell face first into the ground.

“N!” shouted Anthea and Concordia, as they ran towards him, making sure that he's okay.

N sat on his knees as they examined him. “N, your arms!” shouted Concordia, pointing to N's arms, which were burned and blistered from his wrist to his elbows.

N looked at his arms, then up at her. “It's just a little burn. It will go away on it's own.” he said, pretending not to be in pain.

N, I'm so sorry!” said Zorua, jumping into N's arms, eyes filled with tears. “If I was strong enough to win the battle, you wouldn't have had to protect me!

“It's okay, Zorua, it's not your fault.” said N, hugging Zorua.

“Hey! What the heck was that all about?” asked White, as she and Cheren walked over to N.

“You do know human interference in a Pokemon battle is an automatic disqualification, right?” asked Cheren

“What? Are you saying if I protect Zorua in a gym battle, then I'm given a loss?” asked N in shock.

“That's right.” nodded Cheren.

“You're going to need a lot more than cheap, dirty tricks if you want to win badges.” said White, crossing her arms.

N looked at White. “Your Pokemons voice....I have heard all I need to hear for now. I get the feeling we will meet again soon.” he said, as he stood up and walked away.

“N, wait! We need to fix up your arms!” shout Concordia, as she and Anthea followed after N

“Weird guy.” said Cheren, hands in his pockets.

“Yeah, weird....” she said, watching as N walked away.

An hour later, N's arms were bandaged up, and the three arrived in Striaton City.

“We're here! Shall we challenge the gym now?” asked Anthea

“We need a strategy first. There's three gym leaders for this gym, and they use Pokemon that cover the other ones type weakness. We can't just go in and expect an easy win.” said Concordia

“Why don't we have a battle then? If our Pokemon battle, they will get stronger and maybe even learn new moves.” said Anthea

“We're wasting time, let's just go.” said N, as he ran off towards the gym.

“There he goes again...” sighed Concordia, as she and Anthea ran after him.

When the trio got to the gym, they noticed three other trainers there. White, Cheren, and a girl with blonde hair, wearing a big green hat, an orange shirt, and a big white skirt.

“I said I'm sure we'll meet again, but I didn't expect this soon.” said N

White spun around. She hadn't even noticed N approaching. “N? You're here to challenge the gym already?” she asked

“Oh, he's N? The guy you told me about?” asked the blonde girl.

“And who are you?” asked N, staring at her with a crooked eyebrow.

“Oh, I'm Bianca! White told me all about you! Sounded like she has a secret crush on your or something, but it looks like you have two girlfriends already.” she said, point at Anthea and Concordia.

“Shut up Bianca!” said White, punching her in the shoulder.

Anthea and Concordia blushed. “Uh, we're his sisters. I'm Concordia, and this is Anthea.” said Concordia

“What is a girlfriend?” asked N curiously.

White, Bianca, and Cheren all blinked at him in surprise. “You can't be serious.” said Cheren

“Why? Is a girlfriend something I need to win get gym badges?” N asked. He was seriously confused.

“Anyway, what are you three doing here?” asked Concordia, trying to change the subject.

“We're here for a  gym battle, what else would we be doing here?” said White.

“Oh, but we also came for a gym battle. We get to challenge the gym first!” said Anthea

“And what entitles you to that right?” asked Cheren

“Oh, oh I know! Why don't we have a triple battle? Whoever wins gets to challenge the gym first!” said Bianca.

“That's a great idea!” said White.

“What a bother. We're actually going to fight for rights to challenge a gym? Guess there's no other way.” Said Cheren.

“If we battle them, we'll finally get to train our Pokemon! This is a great chance!” said Anthea, clapping her hands excitedly.

“I want to hear your Pokemons voice again.” said N, staring at White.

“If both N and Anthea agree on it, then there's no way out.” said Concordia with a sigh.

“Oshawott, I choose you!” said Bianca, as she threw a Pokeball, which sent out an Oshawott.

“Go, Tepig!” said White, as she sent Tepig out of its Pokeball.

“Servine, go!” said Cheren as he sent a Servine out of it's Pokeball.

Servine.....that's the evolved form of Snivy. Is it a mere coincidence that these three trainers have the same Pokemon as the ones I released from the laboratory last night? No...it can't be. They must be the ones that were delivered a set of starters before.” N thought to himself.

“Let's go, Gothita! This will be your first battle, please do your best!” said Anthea as she put Gothita on the ground.

“Raltz, prepare for battle. Remember what we studied.” said Concordia as she put Raltz on the ground.

N, let me battle this time.” said Snivy, climbing down from N's head, to the ground, and stood near Raltz and Gothita.

Wait! I wanted to battle! Why does Snivy get to take my place?” said asked Zorua, frustrated.

“You had your turn already, Zorua. Now it's Snivys turn.” said N.

“This is because I lost the last battle, isn't it? I'm not weak, N! I can win this time, I know I can!” said Zorua.

N sighed. “Look, Zorua. If you let Snivy battle now, you get to battle now, you get to battle against the gym leaders, alright?”

Hmph. Fair enough.” said Zorua, still not pleased.

Snivy, Raltz, and Gothita stood side by side, facing Tepig, Oshawott, and Servine. The six Pokemon were ready to battle.

“Oshawott, use Water Gun on Raltz! commanded Bianca.

“Servine, use Leaf Tornado on Gothita!” commanded Cheren

“Tepig, use Flame Charge on Snivy!” commanded White.

“Gothita use Fake Tears!” shouted Anthea. Gothita started fake crying, which caused Oshawott to stop its attack, looking confused.

“Raltz, use Double Team!” shouted Concordia. Raltz made about a dozen fake copies itself appear, which took the hit for her.

“Snivy, use Attract!” shouted N. Snivy got a smug look on his face, then blew several hearts towards the female Tepig. Tepig stopped her attack, and her eyes suddenly grew into giant hearts. She was completely dazed.

“crap! Do cheap, dirty tricks run in your family or something?” asked White. “Tepig, snap out of it!” she shouted. Tepig was still dazed.

“Snivy, now's your chance! Use Vine Whip on Oshawott!” commanded N. Snivy ran towards Oshawott, but was intercepted by Servine.

“I don't think so!” said Cheren. “Servine, use Wrap on Snivy!” Servine wrapped its long body around Snivy tightly, leaving him with no way of moving.

“Snivy!” screamed N, worried. He had no way of freeing Snivy from Servines hold, which meant Snivy would soon faint.

“Don't worry N, I'll help you out!” said Anthea. “Gothita, use Tickle on Servine!” Gothita ran over to Servine, and started tickling it. Servine tried to resist, but couldn't help falling over and laughing, which let Snivy out.

“Servine, get up and use Leaf Tornado on Gothita!” commanded Cheren. Servine got up, spinning in a circle, which created a  giant tornado made out of leaves, and it was coming right towards Gothita.

“Gothita, now's your chance! Use Mirror Coat!” commanded Anthea. Gothita created a huge mirror, which deflected Servines Leaf Tornado, causing the attack to go towards Servine instead, and this time, twice as powerful.

“Servine, get out of there!” shouted Cheren. Servine tried to run away, but the attack came too fast, and hit it right on the back. Servine fell to the ground, unable to continue battling.

“What a bother. White was right, you three only have cheap tricks up your sleeves.” said Cheren as he returned Servine to its Pokeball.

“It's called strategy.” said Concordia, proud of their tactics. “Now, Ralts, use Confusion on Oshawott!” commanded Concordia. Ralts sent a small, purple beam at Oshawott, which caused Oshawott to started walking around in circles, confused.

“Oh no, Oshawott! Stop being silly and use Water Gun!” shouted Bianca. Oshawott used its attack, but it didn't hit anything.

“Snivy, now! Use Vine Whip on Oshawott! Don't stop until Oshawott can't get back up!” commanded N. Snivy ran towards Oshawott, then created two whips made out of vines, and repeatedly hit Oshawott with them, then finally stopped when Oshawott fell to the ground and couldn't get back up.

“Oh, my poor little Pokemon...” said Bianca as she returned her Pokemon to it's Pokeball.

“Now, there's only one left.” said N, now focusing on Tepig.

“dang, it's three on one now....” said White. “Tepig, come on! Snap out of it!” Tepig suddenly came to it's senses.

“Alright! Now use Flame Charge on Snivy!” she commanded. Tepigs entire body became covered in flames, as it charged towards Snivy at full speed.

“Ralts, use Confusion!” shouted Concordia. Ralts used its attack on Tepig, which caused Tepig to stop running when it was right about to hit Snivy, then became confused.

“Gothita, use Tickle!” shouted Anthea. Gothita ran towards Tepig, then started tickling it's stomach. Tepig was now completely defenseless.

“Snivy, now! Vine Whip!” commanded N. Snivy began assaulting Tepig with his two whips made out of vines. After the sixth hit, Tepig was unable to battle. The battle was won.

“dang....you guys win.” said White, returning Tepig to her Pokeball. “You use such cheap, annoying, dirty tricks though!” she complained.

“Nothing wrong with coming to battle with a strategy.” said Concordia proudly.

“The Pokemon on both sides tried their best, didn't they....? asked Bianca

“I suppose we'll just watch you three battle the gym leaders while we wait, if you don't mind of course.” said Cheren

“Your Pokemons voice....it's very intriguing.” said N, staring at White.

“What do you mean? Did she say something to you?” asked White curiously.

“I see. You really can't hear them either. Pity.” Said N.

“Come on, guys! We can challenge the gym now! Less chit chat and let's get going!” said Anthea, as she and Concordia finished healing up their Pokemon.

“Yeah, let's get a move on.” said N, as he and his sisters went inside the gym, with White, Cheren, and Bianca following.

To be continued...
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The Beginning of the N: Chapter 3
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