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 The Beginning of the N: Chapter 7

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PostSubject: The Beginning of the N: Chapter 7   Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:36 am

Character update this chapter:


After having lost his battle against White, N and White decided to head back to Nacrene City together. Meanwhile, Anthea and Concordia battled to decide how they will train the Pokemon.

“Gothita, use Confusion!” commanded Anthea.

“Ralts, Double Team!” commanded Concordia. Ralts created a dozen fake copies of herself, causing Gothitas attack to only hit a few of the fakes.

“Not that move again...” complained Anthea. “Gothita, once more, use Confusion!” she commanded.

Gothita breathed heavily, sweating. The battle had been going on for quite some time, and both Pokemon were getting exhausted. Gothita had been attacking the whole time, but hadn't landed a single hit, while Ralts had been dodging the whole time, but hadn't attempted a single attack.

“Looks like fatigue is finally kicking in.” said Concordia with a smile. “Now's your chance to strike! Ralts, use Confusion!” Ralts focused, then used her attack on Gothita.

“Finally stopped stalling have you?” asked Anthea. “Gothita, now! Mirror Coat!” she commanded. Gothita created a giant mirror, which bounced Ralts's attack right back at Ralts, twice as powerful and twice as fast.

“You always resort to Mirror Coat as a last resort.” said Concordia. “Ralts, dodge it with Teleport!” commanded Concordia. Ralts breathed heavily, trying to teleport. She was too tired to consume that much energy. Then, the attack hit her, knocking her several feet back.

“Hah! We got you! Looks like all your stalling came back to bite you!” said Anthea cheerfully. She thought the battle was over.

“Ralts, are you still hanging in there?” asked Concordia. Ralts struggled, but managed to get back on her feet, panting.

“What? Nobody has every survived Mirror Coat before! Impossible!” cried Anthea. “Don't worry Gothita, she's still tired. Finished her off with Confusion!” she commanded.

“Ralts, Double Team!” cried Concordia. The attack approached Ralts, as Ralts continued breathing heavy, struggling to remain on her feet, then suddenly Ralts whole body was glowing white and changing shape.

“W-whats happening?” Anthea asked.

“Ralts is evolving!” cried Concordia happily.

Ralts body then stopped glowing, as she had completed her evolution. Her new appearance was several inches taller, and had two bright red horns on top of her head. She looked like a dancer in a white dress.

“This can't be good for us...” Anthea whispered.

“Now, Kirlia! End this with Magical Leaf!” commanded Concordia.

“Gothita, Mirror Coat!” cried Anthea.

Kirlia made several razor sharp leaves appear in the air, and sent them flying towards Gothita at full speed, but then Gothita put up the giant mirror, which bounced them back at Kirlia.

“Relying on Mirror Coat again? That won't work this time! Kirlia, Teleport behind Gothita!” shouted Concordia.

As the Magical Leaves flew back towards Kirlia, she suddenly teleported behind Gothita in the blink of an eye, avoiding the attack.

“There's one thing you should know about Magical Leaf. It doesn't stop coming until it hits something, like a boomerang.” said Concordia smugly.

“What?!” cried Anthea.

The attack then came  flying back at Gothita at full speed, landing a direct hit before Gothita had a chance to attempt dodging. Gothita fell to the ground, unable to get back up. The battle was over.

“I can't believe we actually lost!” cried Anthea, stomping her foot on the ground, then ran over to Gothita and healed her up with Potions.

“It's like I said earlier. You won't get far without a solid strategy.” said Concordia, as she walked over to her little sister.

“Alright! You won fair and square! We'll train your way.” said Anthea, admitting defeat.

Zorua then came over to them. He had watched the entire battle, and was now ready for his turn.

Are you going to train me now?” he asked.

“Yes, Zorua. Thank you for remaining so patient.” said Concordia, smiling at Zorua.

Great! How should we get started?” Zorua asked, eager to start.

“Well, for now, you need a new battle strategy. You have the ability Illusion, but you've never actually made use of it.”

So you're going to teach me how to use it?” he asked.

“That's right. Illusion allows you to disguise yourself as anything, or anyone you have a clear vision of. If you use this in battle, it could allow you to hide, and catch your opponent off guard. You'll have to time it right if you want the best results.” said Concordia.

But how do I do it? I've never transformed myself before!” said Zorua.

“Remember Zorua, it's not a transformation, it's just an illusion. Your body will not actually change at all, but you will appear as someone or something else to those around you. Understand what I'm saying?” she asked.

Right. Got it.” Zorua nodded, though he was a bit confused.

“Good. Now try using it.” said Concordia.

What? But you haven’t told me how yet, and I don't know what you want me to make an illusion of!” he said.

“Let's try something simple. Like....oh I know. Try making an illusion of Kirlia.” she said.

Alright, but....how?” he asked

“Focus, Zorua. Close your eyes. Empty your mind. Do not think of anything other than Kirlia.” said Concordia, her eyes closed, trying to show Zorua what she meant.

Empty my mind....” Zorua repeated, closing his eyes, trying not to think of anything other than Kirlia. A while later, he opened his eyes, then looked at himself.

It didn't work...” he said.

Concordia giggled. “Oh, it worked perfectly.” she said, looking at Zorua. His body looked exactly like Kirlias.

What? I don't look or feel any different!” cried Zorua.

“Remember, Zorua. It's not a transformation. It doesn't actually change your body at all. It simply changes how you appear to others.” said Concordia.

Oh! So I did it right!” Zorua said happily. “I did it, I did it!

“Since Illusion doesn't actually affect your body at all, you can't ever be positive that it worked unless someone let's you know, so when using it in battle, you'll just have to trust that you did it right.” she said.

Don't worry, this is easy! I can't wait to show N” said Zorua, as he returned to his normal appearance.

“You two bore me.” said Anthea, sitting on the bench, crossing her legs, while reading one of her magazines, with Gothita sitting in her lap.

“Ignore her.” Concordia said. “Okay, so now you need to get used to using Illusion in battle. You'll need to be able to do it quickly while your enemy is distracted, and you'll need to be confident that it worked.”

Concordia continued training Zorua for about half an hour. Zorua had gotten a lot better at using his Illusion ability, and Concordia decided  it was enough improvement to stop training for the day. Then, N came back, with White.

“N, you're finally back! I was dying of boredom with you gone!” said Anthea.

“What were you doing all that time? I was beginning to get worried.” said Concordia.

“I wasn't gone that long.” N said, scratching the back of his head.

“Now that I'm here, I'm going to go challenge the gym. See ya N, and thanks again!” said White, as she took off towards the gym.

“What did she mean by 'thanks again'? Concordia asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I used some of the medicines your brought to heal Tepig. She told me her Tepig was attacked and Poisoned by Angie and Brad, but why would they do such a thing?” he asked.

“The two top ranked Team Plasma Grunts?” Anthea asked, as she walked over to N and Concordia.

“It couldn't have been them, that girl must not know what she's talking about, N.” said Concordia.

N then noticed Kirlia. “Oh, I see Ralts has evolved.” he said, as he sat on his knees and pet her. She smiled at his touch.

“Where's Zorua?” he asked, suddenly looking worried.

I'm right here, N!” said Zorua, jumping into N's arms. N blinked in surprise. He had no idea where Zorua just came from.

“Zorua, where did you....?” N asked

I used my Illusion ability to disguise myself as a bench! You had no idea I was there, N!” Zorua said happily.

“So you've mastered Illusion?” asked N.

That's right! Concordia taught me how to use it! I'm much more prepared for battle now!

“That's wonderful! Now when you battle, we can use Illusion to prevent you from taking any damage!” exclaimed N happily.

“Hey! I still never got to train Zorua!” said Anthea, crossing her arms. “Your strategy will do no good if you can't actually do any damage in return.” she said.

“I hate to admit it, but she's right, N.” said Concordia.

“So now you're going to put Zorua through more training? Don't you think he's done enough?” N asked, frowning.

Concordia looked up at the sky. “No, it's getting late. We should rent a room in the Pokemon Center, call it a night, then discuss this tomorrow.” she said.

“Fine by me.” he said, putting his hands into his pockets, as he and Anthea followed Concordia into the Pokemon Center.

Concordia rented a room in the Pokemon Center for the three to stay in over night. The next morning, N woke up early. He was ready to get his next gym battle out of the way. He stretched his arms, let out a yawn, and hopped out of the bed he slept in.

“Zorua, you woke?” he asked, looking around the room.

A few seconds later, Zorua, disguised as a pillow jumped into N's arms, then returned to his normal appearance.

You didn't know it was me! My ability works great, doesn't it N?” said Zorua, climbing onto N's shoulder.

N laughed. “Indeed it does. I can see you're going to have fun with that ability.” he said, stroking Zoruas fur.

“I can't wait for our gym battle today, N! I'll do great, I know I will!” said Zorua, confidently.

“We'd better wake up Anthea and Concordia.” N said, looking over to the two other beds in the room, where his sisters slept.

To be continued....
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The Beginning of the N: Chapter 7
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