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 The Beginning of the N: Chapter 1

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PostSubject: The Beginning of the N: Chapter 1   Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:30 am

Important characters this chapter:

Two sisters walked in unison, both with big smiles on their faces. They were clearly excited about something. One of them had long, flowy, pink hair and was wearing a long, white dress with a big pink stripe that went diagonally from the top to the bottom. She also had a pair of bracelets, one on each wrist. They were black on the sides, and white in the center. The other girl had blonde hair, with a very long ponytail. She wore a long dress that was yellow on the sides, and the rest white, and also had bracelets on both of her hands. Her bracelets were square shaped and golden, and she wore two on each hand. They seemed to be dressed for a special occasion. They entered a room that looked as a childs play room.

In the room, a soft lullaby could be heard, but there was no sign of anything playing the music. There was a toy train set on the floor that somehow moved by itself, a basketball hoop and a basketball on the floor right next to it, a toy airplane in the air, which, like the train, somehow moved on its own, and a skateboard ramp. Sounds pretty big for a  playroom. There was also a bed, and in that bed was a boy with long flowy, light green hair. He was sleeping, and there was a Pokemon sleeping next to his head. The Pokemon looked somewhat like a fox cub, and had pitch black fur, with a dark red tint. The Pokemon is known as Zorua. The two girls gasped in shock. They couldn't believe their eyes. Their brother was actually oversleeping on the day of his coronation.

“He's seriously oversleeping on his big day.....?” asked one of the girls ,twirling her hair in two of her fingers.
Her sister sighed “Even when he becomes king today, he's still a child at heart. We're gonna have to wake him up” she said.
They both walked over to his bed and shook him slightly.
He slowly opened his eyes.
“Anthea, Concordia...” he mumbled, then let out a yawn.
“Wake up sleeping beauty, today is the big day!” Anthea  (the pink one) said, giggling.
“How could you possibly oversleep today of all days? You've been waiting for this day for 12 years!” exclaimed Concordia (the blonde one), crossing her arms.
“I...uh...had a dream.” he said,  rubbing his eyes.
“You were dreaming? About what?” asked Anthea with a crooked eyebrow. He was about to tell, but was interrupted by Concordia.
“It doesn't matter what he was dreaming about. N, get up and get dressed. You've already overslept, you need to be moving fast. Father will not be pleased if you are late, and...oh my god, your hair is a mess too!” she said, stroking the back of his hair gently.

He rolled his eyes, got up, and went to his bathroom to get dressed. Five minutes later, he came out, dressed in tan pants with a menger sponge on a chain, attached to his belt, a black shirt, a white shirt over the black one, and a cap which was black on the sides, top and tip, and white on the front. He also wore a necklace, which looked like a black sphere with blue and yellow spirals, and on his left wrist, he wore the same bracelet as Anthea, and on his right wrist, the same bracelet as Concordia. N looked around the room. He noticed that his sisters had left the room, and there was a tray with a bowl of cereal on his bed. Apparently he didn't have time to eat much. He sat down and began eating.

Anthea and Concordia stood near the fireplace in their fathers room. They had requested to get to talk to him before N's coronation, and they got their wish. Their father sat in a chair at his desk, waiting to hear what they had to say. He had green hair, and only one, red eye. The other eye was covered by a weird red device that looked somewhat like a scouter. He wore long robes, and the look on his face did not look very pleased. His name is Ghetsis.

“Speak.” he commanded.
“Father....” Anthea spoke “We would like to go with N when he sets on his journey in the outside world.”
“And why would I allow you to do that?” questioned Ghetsis.
“Well, the outside world is a dangerous place, and-”
“And you think he needs his big sisters around to protect him? The boy is 17 and today he will be our king! If he needs two girls leading him the way and acting as his bodyguard, then he is a pathetic excuse for a man!” exclaimed Ghetsis

“But Father, N has to win the Pokemon League to achieve our goal. If we go with him and collect all 8 badges, we can compete in the League too, and help eliminate the competition. That will surely guarantee that he wins. We can't afford to risk failure.” explained Concordia.

“Hmm.....” Ghetsis thought. “Very well then. You have my permission to go with him.”
“Thank you father.” they both said, then bowed and began to exit the room.
“I did not say you are excused”
They both turned around, shocked. “I have something you need to take with you.” He pulled three Xtranceivers and a town map out of his desk and handed them to them. “You'll need these to stay in contact if you somehow get separated. I have already registered myself on all three xtranceivers. You'll also need the map to keep track of each city with a gym. Now you are excused.” The two girls exited the room. They were very happy they got what they wanted.

“This is so exciting! We're going to get to see the outside world! N will be so surprised when he finds out we're going with him!” Anthea said happily. “It was weird how father already had three xtranceivers and the town map ready for us. It's like he already planned on us going with N.” said Concordia. “Hmm, that is weird...” Anthea said, scratching her chin. “I wonder if he's ready for the coronation, it's going to start soon.” They both entered N's room. N was sitting on his bed, talking to his Zorua. He was wearing white robes over his normal clothes. The only thing the robes didn't cover was his face. It looked like it would be a  pain to walk in that.

“Are you okay, N?” asked Anthea, as she sat down next to N, stroking his hair.
“I'm fine, why do you ask?”
“You just...don't seem very excited. You've been waiting for this day for 12 years, and now its finally here. You're going to be our king! Why aren't you excited?”

“This isn't a game, Anthea. Humans treat Pokemon as tools. They are forced to do things they don't want to do simply for their owners on wishes. The biggest causes of this are Pokemon laboratories, and the Pokemon league. Pokemon are enslaved, examined, sold and and delivered for money by so called Pokemon professors that pretend to care about Pokemon, but all they care about is making money for their own good. Competitive trainers assault wild Pokemon with a Pokemon that they've already enslaved, and have them hurt each other then until they are unable to battle anymore, they enslave the wild Pokemon by capturing it in a tiny little ball that they will only be let out of to hurt another Pokemon. Why should Pokemon be forced out of their natural habitats to live such an awful life? Won't those Pokemon miss their families? If it weren't for the Pokemon league, people wouldn't have such a big motive to do such awful things to Pokemon. It is MY responsibility to change this gray world. I can not take such a huge responsibility lightly.” he spoke so fast, it was hard to make out everything he said, but it was clear he was talking from his heart.

“N...you're gonna be a great king.” Anthea said, embracing her brother.

Ghetsis stood to the side of the thrown, holding a crown high in the air. Six sages stood in front of the thrown, as Ghetsis began to speak.

“Whoever wears this crown is the king of this castle, thus, the king who rules over us all, Team Plasma. Now! Please come over to the throne!” Ghetsis shouted. All seven men in the room waited, eager to see the new heir come through the door and walk to the throne.

Within seconds, N stepped into the throne room, walking slowly over to the thrown. Anthea and Concordia were at his sides, walking with him. Once N got to the throne, three of the sages got to one side of the throne, and the other three to other side, and Anthea Concordia in front of the throne, several feet away. Ghetsis stood directly in front of him, and slowly placed the crown on his head.

“You're the king, N. Let us achieve it together: the liberation of Pokemon!” Ghetsis shouted. “All hail Lord N Harmonia!!!” shouted every voice in the room.

“And now that the new king has been crowned, it is time for a little celebration! There is a giant feast ready in the castle kitchen. I want you all to be there.” Ghetsis said, as he left the throne room, the six sages following behind him.

“Come on N, we'll show you the way.” said Concordia, as she and Anthea walked N down to the kitchen. N had never been allowed outside of his room until now, so all the rooms where new to him.

Once they got to the kitchen, N was amazed at what he saw. There were hundreds of Team Plasma Grunts seated at a giant table. The grunts were uniforms that looked sort of like knight armor, except, it wasn't steel. Their uniforms had  a logo that had P on a background that was white on one side and back on the other, and a lightning bolt directly behind the P. It was the Team Plasma logo. Ghetsis and the sages sat closest to the head of the table.

When they noticed N enter, they all rose to their feet, and clapped and cheered. The sages walked over to him. They wore robes with  They also wore big, pointy hats. They each had white hair, and some had big beards or mustaches, while some had no facial hair at all.

“Greetings, my lord!” they all said at once, shaking his hand one by one.

“I am Rood of the Seven Sages.”
“I am Gorm of the Seven Sages.”
“I am Giallo of the Seven Sages.”
“I am Ryoko of the Seven Sages.”
“I am Bronius of the Seven Sages.”
“and I am Zinzolin of the Seven Sages. Your father is the seventh of the Sages, and also the head Sage.”
“We are sure you will make a great king, my Lord. We will be of service to you whenever it is needed.” said Rood, then he and the other sages went back to their seats.

N thought the introductions were finally over, but then three of the grunts made their way to him and began introducing themselves. Two were female and one was male.

“Greetings, my lord!” said a female grunt. She had orange, shoulder length hair and light blue eyes. She seemed to carry a sense of authority about herself. “My name is Angie, and I am the top ranked Team Plasma Grunt!  I shall serve your orders with honor!” she said, placing her hand on her chest, apparently as a salute.
Then, the male grunt introduced himself. He had the exact same hair and eye color as Angie. Those two could possibly be siblings.

“Hello, my Lord! I am honored to finally meet you! I am Brad, second highest rated Team Plasma Grunt! I shall follow  your every command, my Lord!” he saluted N in the same way as Angie.

Finally, the third grunt introduced herself to N. She had brown hair with loops that looked somewhat like big donuts on each side, and long streams of hair coming down from them.

“H-Hello, my Lord.” she stuttered, blushing. She seemed to be a bit shy talking to her king for the first time. “I'm Mei, and I am the third top rated Team Plasma Grunt. Me, Angie, and Brad give commands to the other Grunts. It's great to finally get to see your face, my Lord.”. She stopped, staring at the floor clearly embarrassed, then show bowed and the three grunts went back to their seats.

Now that all the introductions were finally over, Anthea and Concordia walked N over to his seat at the head of the table. While they walked, N couldn't help but stare at all the food on the table. There was turkey, steak,  loafs of bread, pie, cake, countless different varieties of fruits and vegetables, and much more. It all smelled so good. Once N got to his seat, there was already food at his seat for him. It looked some of everything was on his plate, as well as a glass of iced tea. He sat down, and his sisters sat next to him.

Nobody had eaten anything yet and the entire kitchen had fell silent. N could tell they were waiting on him to do something. He picked up his glass, rose it in the air and shouted loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Well, then....LET THE FEAST BEGIN!”
This caused a bunch of applauding and a roar of cheers from just about everyone there. Everybody then began eating.

Once the feast was over, N went back to his room, and threw off the ridiculous robe he had to wear to his coronation. Zorua jumped up from under his bed and licked his face.

“Hey, Zorua.” N said. He fed Zorua some of the food from the feast, which it happily ate.

“Are you ready for adventure?. I am now the king of Team Plasma. I'm about to set off on my journey to save all Pokemon, but to do it, I'll need the help of a Pokemon. Are you willing to come with me? I will not force you into it if you don't want too.”

“Yes yes! Of course, N, without you, I'll be sad and lonely! Plus I'm willing to sacrifice my life if it will save all Pokemon that were treated the way I was before I was brought here to you!” Zorua said, looking excited. N was born with the power to speak to Pokemon, so he understood what Zorua said perfectly.

“Thank you, Zorua. I promise I will keep you safe on our journey.” N said, and put Zorua on his shoulder, then went to the bottom floor of the castle, ready to set off on his journey. He was shocked when he saw his sisters, at the door that led outside, waiting for his arrival. They had a Raltz and Gothita with them, and they were looking at a map.

“What are you two doing?” N asked, confused.

“Oh, N! You're finally ready! Now we can get going!” Anthea said happily.

“What do you mean 'we'?” N asked

“We're going with you of course! We're going to help the goal of Team Plasma!”

“What? Why? Don't you think father is going to be angry to find that out?”

“We already got his permission, N, so don't bother trying to talk us out of it. You didn't really expect us to let you got in such a dangerous world on your own, did you?” said Concordia.
“And did you two agree with this?” N asked, looking at Raltz and Gothita. Both Pokemon nodded.

N sighed “Well, then let's stop wasting time here and get going!” N exclaimed.

The trio stepped outside the castle for the first time, together. They were ready and determined to accomplish the impossible.

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The Beginning of the N: Chapter 1
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