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 The Beginning of the N: Chapter 5

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PostSubject: The Beginning of the N: Chapter 5   Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:34 am

New character+character updates this chapter:

N and his sisters had defeated the Striaton City Gym Leaders, and were now on their to Nacrene City, where their next Gym battle awaits. Zorua had now finally regained consciousness, after having been beat by the Gym Leaders.

N, I lost again. I'm sorry, N, I just keep failing you.” said Zorua, nuzzling into Ns face.

N sighed, as he took his collapsible skateboard out of his pocket, unfolded, and hopped on.

“Zorua, you didn't lose. We won the battle. That's whats important.”

You're just saying that, N! I didn't beat a single Pokemon, Ralts and Gothita did all the work, you know that, N!” cried Zorua.

“You underestimate yourself, Zorua.” said N, stroking Zoruas fur and giving him a reassuring smile. “So, Concordia, what's the fastest way to Nacrene City?” he asked.

“Hmm, let's see....the only way from Striaton City to Nacrene City is by going to Route 3, then keep going West. It's not too far.” said Concordia, studying the map.

“Let's get going then.” N said, taking off on his skateboard.

“N, wait up!” his sisters shouted, running after him.

Once they got to Route 3, N slowed his pace down enough for his sisters to catch up. Suddenly, a Pokemon jumped out of a nearby tree, snatched N's skateboard, then ran off at high speed.

“What the-?” gasped Anthea and Concordia

“M-my skateboard!” screamed N, chasing off after the Pokemon, his sisters close behind.

After running for what seemed like forever, they had finally found the Pokemon that stole N's skateboard. It was a short, black, bi-pedal Pokemon. It had hair on its head that resembled pink feathers, had razor sharp claws on its hands and feet, and long tail feathers. It was also wearing a long, pink scarf.

A Weavile..but why did she take my skateboard?” N thought to himself, then noticed the trainer standing next to it.

The Weaviles trainer was a girl with long black hair, pale skin, and two different colored eyes; one green, one blue. She wore a black suit jacket with red ribbons on the sleeves, over a black dress and red bowtie, and also wore a black top hat, and striped black and white stockings. She was standing on N's skateboard.

“Who are you? What do you think you're doing using a Pokemon to steal my skateboard from me?” N asked, balling his hands into fists.

"My apologies, monsieur, but all you need to know at this very moment is that I am justice, and I'm just furthering my own agenda, which happens to involve you right now." she said.

Concordia stepped in front of N. “I don't care who you think you are, but that skateboard belongs to my brother, and I demand that you give it back to him NOW!” she said in an intimidating voice.

“My apologies, but I can not do that.” said the mysterious trainer.

“I'm not playing around with you! Give it back to him, right now!” shouted Concordia.

“He can have it back if he beats me in a Pokemon battle.” she said.

“First she uses her Pokemon to steal my skateboard, and now she wants to risk her Pokemon getting hurt to keep it? Pokemon are friends not tools.” N thought to himself.

Don't worry N, I'll beat this girl and get it back for you!” said Zorua, hoping off N's shoulders, and stood boldly on the ground, ready for a fight.

“Zorua, I can't stand to see you get hurt again...” said N.

But I have to battle to get stronger, and I can't just let her steal your skateboard, it's precious to you!” exclaimed Zorua.

N could see there was no way to talk Zorua out of it. “Alright, if you insist, but I really don't want to let you get hurt.” N said.

“Go, Blaziken.” she said, as she sent out a tall, bipedal Pokemon, with red feathers covering its body, brown feathers on it's head and down it's back, sharp claws on it's hands, and sharp fangs.

“That Pokemon looks really strong.... be careful, N!” said Anthea.

“Zorua, start things off with Fury Swipes!” commanded N. Zorua jumped towards Blaziken, extending his claws, ready to slash Blaziken in the face.

“Blaziken, use Protect.” said the mysterious trainer. Blaziken put its arms in front of itself, and created an invisible shield that blocked Zoruas attack, knocking Zorua off balance.

“Now, Blaziken, use High Jump Kick!” she commanded. Blaziken jumped up high into the air at amazing speed, then came down at full force towards Zorua, its foot extended for a powerful kick.

“Zorua, run!” cried N. It was too late. Blaziken came down too fast, hitting Zorua with the powerful kick, which nearly smashed Zorua into the ground. Zorua was clearly not going to be able to get back up.

Anthea and Concordias eyes widened, shocked by the sheer power of Blaziken, and how fast the battle ended.

“No.....Zorua!!!” cried N, tears in his eyes, as he ran to Zorua, cradling him in his arms.

The mysterious trainer returned her Pokemon to its Pokeball. Then rode away on N's skateboard.

Well some glad morning... when this life is over, I'll fly away...
To a home somewhere in the sky... I'll fly away...
I'll fly away, Oh Glory... I'll fly away...
When I die, Hallelujah, by and by... I'll fly away...
Just a few more weary days and the-en, I-I'll fly away-hay” she sang, slowly as she rode away, then was out of sight.
” she sung, slowly and sadly, as she rode away.

“N, are you alright?” asked Anthea, as she and Concordia came to N's sides.

N was speechless. He sat on the ground, cradling his unconscious Zorua in his arms, as he stared at the ground, with a blank expression on his face. Not only did he just witness his Pokemon get hurt, he also just lost his skateboard.

“N, I'm sorry. I should have helped you get it back.” said Concordia, stroking N's hair.

“Do you remember the day I got that skateboard?” N asked, his eyes still staring at the ground, and his face still expressionless.

“Of course. How could I  forget that?” asked Concordia.

“I remember it like it was yesterday...” N said, getting lost in memory.

Anthea and Concordia walked into N's room together with big smiles on their faces. They looked as if they were about seven and eight. They were holding something, wrapped like a present behind their backs. Inside his room, N sat on the floor, playing with his train set, his face emotionless. He looked to be about six years old at the time.

“Happy birthday, N!” they both said at the same time.

Nothing special ever happened on N's birthdays, so he didn't understand why they were so happy.

“Annie, Connie, what have you got behind your backs?” he asked, looking up at them. At his age, he couldn't pronounce his sisters names, so he called them Annie and Connie instead.

“It's a present! Open it up!” said Anthea excitedly, as she and Concordia put the present on the floor. It wasn't easy, but Concordia had managed to talk Ghetsis into buying N a present.

“Open it....?” N asked, confused. He had never seen anything wrapped before.

“Here, I'll show you.” said Concordia, as she ripped off some of the wrapping paper to show N what to do.

Once N finished unwrapping it, his eyes widened, he had never seen anything like it. It was a white skateboard, with art of Reshiram standing in front of a wall of fire. N held it up in the air, staring in amazement.

“What is this?” he asked

“It's a skateboard!” said Anthea

“What does it do?” he asked, pushing it across the floor, watching it roll.

“You ride on it. Let me show you.” said Concordia, as she stood on the skateboard with one foot, and kicked off with the other. N and Anthea watched her excitedly.

“See? Now you try, N.” she said, giving the skateboard to him.

N stood on the skateboard, then kicked off, just like he saw Concordia do. He got the hang of it pretty fast.

“Wow, this is fun!” said N, riding his skateboard around his room, then hopped off, embracing his sisters in a big hug.

“Thank you Connie, thank you Annie!” he said happily.

His sisters giggled. “You're welcome, N.” they both said.

“Next time I see that girl, I will get my skateboard back, I swear on it.” N said, as he stood up, eyes closed, twirling his necklace in his hand, his hair blowing in the wind.

Anthea and Concordia stood behind him, closed their eyes, and grasped some of his hair in their hands, as it continued blowing in the wind. N blushed and looked back at them.

“We'll be sure to help you with that, my dear brother.” said Concordia, smiling confidently.

Meanwhile, in the dreamyard, Team Plasma was up to something.

“We found, you Munna!” said Angie, as she and Brad approached a small, pink Pokemon that looked like a floating elephant with a small trunk.

“In the name of Team Plasma, you're going to make lots of dream mist for us!” said Brad.

“Now, make with the dream mist already!” said Angie, kicking Munna in the stomach. Munna screamed in pain.

Suddenly, White and Bianca appeared in the dreamyard.

“Look, White, it's those Team Plasma guys!” exclaimed Bianca.

“After all that talk about saving Pokemon, you guys are here, assaulting a wild Pokemon? You're nothing but hypocrites!” said White.

“Who the hell do you kids think you are? Talking down to Team Plasma?” asked Brad

“We'll teach you your place! Go, Seviper!” said Angie, as she sent out a Pokemon shaped like a snake, with black skin, yellow spots, red eyes, a purple mark in the shape of a lightning bolt on it's neck and blood red fangs sticking out of its mouth.

“Magnezone, go!” said Brad, sending out a Pokemon that looked sort of like an alien spaceship. It had three heads, the two on the side half the size of the main one, both with two screws on their heads, two magnets for arms, another magnet on it's bottom, and a yellow atena on the main head.

“In the name of Team Plasma, we shall defeat you, then make you free your Pokemon!” he said, as Magnezone and Seviper slowly approached White.

“What? Don't hurt White!” cried Bianca.

To be continued....
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The Beginning of the N: Chapter 5
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