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 From Method to Madness Part 3

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Asuya Youkai

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PostSubject: From Method to Madness Part 3   Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:26 pm

"OW! Hey watch where you're going buddy!"

Asuya looks down and notices the girl he bumped into, and with a look of mild surprise, he helps her up.

"Sorry sis....I wasn't looking."

"Obviously, big bro...You need to be more careful or one day you'll wander into traffic or something!"

The girl's name is Rin; even though she's two years younger than Asuya, Rin is almost as skilled as Asuya when it comes to dueling, however recently a gang of bullies had torched her beloved Madolche deck, forcing her to go along without dueling for the past five months.

"Do you remember what today is? You were supposed to be home a half hour ago!"

"It's your birthday, I know. I'm sorry, but these annoyances caused me to be late..."

Rin took a look over Asuya's shoulder at the two freshmen, bickering over why Kuma had lost.

"Those idiots caused you to be late? I think you're losing your touch, brother..."

Asuya narrowed his eyes at her, but didn't say a thing. Rin is the only person that Asuya cares for, to the point where he'd give his own life for her. As they grew up, their parents were always busy or at work, so Asuya would always play with his little sister to keep the both of them happy. Eventually they both found a passion in Duel Monsters, and began to focus their future upon it.

"Let's go home. I have a present for you..."

"A present?! What is it?! What is it?!" Rin bounced up and down excitedly.

"You'll see. Let's go."

Once they got home, they threw Rin's birthday party. It was a nice little party, the kind you'd expect from any teenager's birthday; but it wasn't without its downside. Their parents were at work late, as usual, so it was just the two of them celebrating. Still, Rin couldn't help but be happy that her brother was with her.

"So what's my present?" Rin asked.

With a slight sigh, Asuya present her with a small green box with a white bow on top. Rin couldn't help but take it from him and open it. As she gazed within the box, her face shifted from an excited and giddy expression to one of worry and question. The box contained a deck of Duel Monsters cards--a very specific deck, as a matter of fact.

"Asuya.....these are your..." Rin paused.

"This deck meant everything to me growing up....and I want you to have it.." Asuya smiled warmly at his little sister, then looked down at the Chronomaly cards he had given her, with his favorite card on the top: Number C6: Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis. Rin embraced her brother with a hug, tears streaming down her face, but these were tears of joy, something she hadn't felt in a long time.

"I love you sis...now off to bed. We have school in the morning, okay..?" Asuya ruffled her hair with a smile and they both went up to bed to await the coming day. As Rin drifted to sleep, she couldn't help but smile. Tomorrow she was going to get back at those bullies by beating them with the very deck her brother used to get to where he is now. And soon, she would have retribution.
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From Method to Madness Part 3
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