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 From Method to Madness Part 1

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Asuya Youkai

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PostSubject: From Method to Madness Part 1   Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:11 pm

The year is 2303. It's a sunny afternoon in the city of Torrentia; school has just been let out and everyone in the Torrentia High School, from Freshmen to Seniors, have gone home, or are hanging out with their friends and dueling. But one male stands out above the rest. Asuya Reiyo is a teenage boy who just turned eighteen. Although it's eighty degrees out, he stands against the wall of the high school with a thick, black winter jacket on, and his hood over his head. His music blares from his headphones and can be heard by people who walk a few inches in front of him. The song "Archangel" by Elena Siegman can be heard from his headphones. Asuya watches two boys dueling in front of him with annoyance; they were amateur freshmen using amateur decks. The one boy, Kuma, is using his infamous Machina/Ancient Gear hybrid deck, against the other boy, Laird, who is holding strong with his Chaos Dragon deck.

Asuya watches carefully, yet with a sense of boredom. Kuma has only 400 Life Points left, with Ancient Gear Golem and two set backrow cards. Laird is more fortunate, with full life points, however with no monsters and a set backrow card. Asuya chuckles; Laird has the look of confidence, as though he's aiming to activate his face-down when Golem attacks; silly freshman. Everyone knows Ancient Gear Golem prevents that card from activating. With a sigh of contentment, Asuya watches as Kuma uses Limiter Removal, doubling Golem's attack points, and finally, a direct attack for the win.
The duel is over, and now they approach Asuya.

"What's got this guy so glum?" Kuma motions to Asuya as he speaks to Laird. Asuya doesn't even blink; in fact, he stares at the two of them with a look of boredom.

"Maybe he saw my awesome dueling skills and realized that he can't duel himself!" Laird taunts at Asuya, chuckling at him.

"He can't even hear us! He's blasting his music into his ears, so we can say whatever we want." Kuma goes to say something else, but Asuya cuts him off.

"I can read lips, actually..And what has me "glum" is your pathetic dueling skills..."

"Ha! As if you can beat me. Let's duel then, eh?" Laird sets up his duel disk, as does Asuya. Asuya's duel disk is custom made; A signature Chaos-oriented disk, custom-painted black with dark purple patterns of the Orichalcos. It's been passed down for generations, from his ancestor known as Dartz, the once-infamous ruler of the Seal of Orichalcos who was defeated by the King of Games himself. The disk itself had been a dark green and blue tint with black letters, however Asuya took it upon himself to add his own "flare" to it. As it activates, Laird jumps.

"Woah! Where does an amateur like you get a duel disk that sweet?"
"Are you here to gander, or to duel...Let's go.."

The Duel begins.
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From Method to Madness Part 1
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