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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 11: Long forgotten past.

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 11: Long forgotten past.   Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:47 am

Flipping through channels, as Keith looks over it with fear. Every station flooded with breaking news reports about a massive
disappearance of several million people over in the U.S. Shaking a bit over hearing this news, Keith getting up off his chair as he heads out to visit Yusuke. Over at Yusuke's current residence are layer after layer of papers and documents of different people's names.

''Who the hell is noah,'' said Yusuke as he remembers that night he encountered the four horse men. Falling down onto his floor he presses his fist against his cheek, as he stares down at the floor wondering why that name sounds so familiar.

Picking himself up off the ground, Yusuke over hears Keith yelling his name out of the window. ''Yusuke get out of your damn apartment already,'' yelled Keith as he throws his shoe at the window. Opening his window Yusuke is greeted by a shoe knocking him off his feet. ''WHAT THE HELL KEITH,'' yelled Yusuke as his face flares red with anger.

Several minutes after that whole incident, Yusuke leaves his apartment. His hair tied up as it has grown a bit, sporting a red and grey jacket and baggy navy blue jeans. ''So why did you even come here man,'' asked Yusuke as he stares at Keith who appears to have a mischiveous expression. ''Well I wanted to thank you for getting back my deck man,'' said Keith as he grabs Yusuke and noggies him,''and you need to get out of your own damn place.''

Far off on a remote island, several helicopters land on the island. Coming out is Koga, Neo brunswick's mayor, and the head chair man of the duel league. All three of these men enter this building as they each get greeted by several men wearing white suits and masks. ''Glad you could all make it in such short notice,'' said what looks like the head of this building as he steps down the stair way inorder to greet them.

''You got alot of nerve Benway,'' said the Chair man aka Clark Fisher. Benway leans in and whispers in the ear of one of his employs. She rushes out of her chair as she proceeds to start up a projector in the main wing. ''Men follow me, what I have to show is urgent.''


''Ladies and gentlemen get ready for the 5th annual world tournment, Duelist of all ages across the world will face head on in order to be crowned king of games,'' said a rather flambouent announcer as Yusuke and Keith look at it intently as if they were five year old kids who just got a new toy. ''Man are you enter that,'' asked Keith as his eyes glisten over the new of the next world Tourney. ''Of course I am, this can help start off my pro career,'' said Yusuke as he drool over the window were the Tv is behind it.

Yusuke turns around as he notices a girl who is about his age standing behind him looking rather annoyed. ''Do you mind I want to see the date for entry into the tourney,'' said the girl as she shoves Yusuke and Keith out of the way.

Keith sucks his teeth as he pokes this girl to get her attention. As she turns around Keith snickers as he opens his dumb mouth,''Hey don't bother, girls could never make it in the pro league,'' said Keith. Before he knows it he awakens looking at the sky, his face in pain as he as very noticable black eye. ''Don't you talk,'' said the girl as her foot presses on Keith chest. ''I-It was a joke,'' said Keith nervously.

''I'm sorry for what Keith says,'' said Yusuke as he helps Keith up off the floor,''He can be an idiot.''

''I don't care,'' said the girl as she walks away. Yusuke looks at her as if he knows her. ''Hey Keith does she look familiar to you,'' asked Yusuke. ''How can I tell, I got knocked out,'' answered Keith.

''Do you know anyone named Noah,'' asked Yusuke as Keith dusts himself off. ''Nope never knew a noah,'' said Keith ,''Imma go get us some ice cream it's too hot in this city.''

Why do I feel like i've forgotten parts of my childhood thought Yusuke.


''This is impossiable,'' said Clark as he looks over the results brought up on the screen. Koga, clark and the mayor tremble over what they just heard and saw.

''So my brother is a threat to us,'' asked Koga as he looks at Benway. Benway turn away from the group as he shows the next screen. ''Your brother created a new form of summoning, that boy Yusuke has given off a massive power spike in his duels, and these disappearances as linked to when that pale rider myth came about,'' said Benway as he turns the projector off and turns on the lights.

''If this keeps up we are doomed to repeat it all over again,'' said Benway,''we cannot risk the rebirth of the overlords.''

Koga leaning forward with his hands together as he thinks out what can be done. ''My brother is in jail so unless he escapes of is released he won't be a problem,'' said Koga,''but that Yusuke kid and that pale rider are the bigger threats, I will go and find this Yusuke, Clark look for any duels that is abnormal.''

Benway dismisses the group as he leaves the room. Koga going back to his helicopter as he sits down looking scared. ''Mr.Koga are you ok,'' asked Elizabeth as she holds Koga's hand. ''Pilot bring me to Neo Brunswick,'' said Koga,''Elizabeth I have to find this boy named Yusuke, and break him.''

----------------------------------to be continued---------

next chapter: The demon makes his way.
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 11: Long forgotten past.
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