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 Shaddoll History

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PostSubject: Shaddoll History   Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:07 pm

I've always liked the Gem-Knights motiff, but never got around to play it. Of course, I've kept this group of knights and their history in mind most of the time, which means I've heard of the relation between the Shadolls and the Gem-Knights. Though I do feel sad that the Gem-Knights have been taken advantage after their deaths, I still have a duty to keep their story in mind. As such, the story of the Shadolls pertains me as well.

Now, I'll be writing here the story of the Shadolls as I've understood it from the cards released as well as the previous Duel Terminal story. If you find that a portion of the story is unlikely to have occurred or have additional information to give, I'm more than willing to add or fix the data I'm writing.

Now on to their story:

As you all know Diamond is the combination of all the Gem-Knights minus Lazuli. But did you consider that the rank of the mutated version of the Gem-Knights, Cairngorgon, is rank 4? Well this is quite easy to explain actually. Everyone is aware that Crystal is in fact Diamond after having absorbed the energy of the other ones right? Then everyone should also be aware that Alexandrite looks too much like Crystal to be a coincidence? He even has an ability that easily let's you summon Crystal!

Alexandrite } Crystal } Diamond

Now consider Zirconia. A fake diamond could be that Crystal tried to gain powers before he was ready in anger of the death of a friend (Emerald) triggering Fragment Fusion and turning him temporarily into Zirconia. Why Emerald? Because we know he is dead and revived by the Ilswarm virus into Heliotrope.

Alexandrite } Crystal } Zirconia } Crystal } Diamond

So what's the point of explaining this? What lv4 monster could potentially combine with the coarpse of Alexandrite and force him to mutate between his three most powerful forms? The answer is Evilsworm Heliotrope who used to be a Gem-Knight and is therefore compatible with him fusion-wise.

And so Heliotrope + Alexandrite corpse = Cairngorgon

So what happened when they fused? The virus absorbed the rogue energy within the corpse, Sophia's, and along with the output of dimensional energy that Sophia, Kerykeion and Sombres released in their battle, allowed the virus to evolve into a new being within Cairgorgons head, the root of the new evil, Shadoll.

What could happen after this? Simple, Cairngorgon makes his way towards Sombres, who recognizes him as a Gem-Knight. Now think about Lazuli, she is a young girl who just beat the final enemy and now she sees one of her older brothers seemingly alive after all. Will she react negatively? Cautiously? Or will she neglect thinking at all and simply think that he did all he could in order to survive? I'm inclined to believe the later. I'm also inclined to believe that as she flew towards him, the Shadolls Roots latched onto her and transformed her into the first puppet, a puppet who has the powers of the Constellars and half the power of Sophia, El Shadoll Nephilim.

Sombres = Nephilim

So what is Kerykeion to do now? Naturally run away and gather as many monsters and heroes as he can in an attempt to stop the new menace! He brings to the world, with his half of Sophia's powers, the cosmic dragons, the tellaknights, and creates a new power Pendulum in order to oppose the Shadolls. Unfortunately, the Shadolls are not quite so easy to defeat as many of his new champions fall prey all to easily to their control because of Nephilims powers.

Kerykeion must've then taken the fight directly to the origin of this whole mess, Cairngorgon and the Shadolls Roots. He used the cosmic dragons in the fight, alas they were killed or assimilated. In particular Fire was killed and its energy absorbed by Cairngorgon, transforming him into a full fledged El Shadoll Egrystal. Then, he took put his now useless Gem, as he now uses the powers of Shadolls and not the gem, and embued it with much power and forced it into Wynda, followed by forcefully fusing her with her mount the cosmic dragon of Wind, creating the third El Shadoll Midrash.

Whats worse is that now that the Shadolls have control over the cosmic dragons, they can corrupt Chiwen without puppefying him, thus summoning Yazi, the wickedness of yang zing, instead of the one Kerykeion wanted to summon Braxia, the brightness of Yang Zing.

And now we have caught up with the present and the future is unknown. Of course, since Sombres was transformed, Kerykeion might be forced to evolve in order to put a stop to the Shadoll In the future. I just hope he manages to save Sombres instead of killing her...

-_--------------------Corrections to be adjusted in the future

Sombres summoned the Yang Zing while she was still herself. Kerykeion has yet to make an appearance, but should possess Sophia's powers of Destruction.

The Shadolls have the power to either create puppet versions of their enemies (not turn them into puppets as was previously believed) OR corrupt someone by forcibly pushing the darkness of the Shadoll into them. The only exception is if the target is composed of physical matter and spiritual matter, such as the Stellar knights, who upon being subjected to the Shadoll, seemingly deteriorate into formless shadows wearing their physical gear, as is the case of Shadoll Lizard.

The Yang Zing Pulau and Bixi are corrupted in this method. While the one who corrupted Pulao into Taotie is currently unknown, it is known that Shadoll Lizard was the one to corrupt Bixi into Jiaotu. Taotie and Jiaotu are the synchro materials for Yazi, so it can be indicated that Yazi still works for the Shadolls.

It is VERY LIKELY that the Shadoll will be having a large scale war against the Qliphoth, as shown in the text of the card Qliphoth Tool which implies a relationship between this new archetype and Sophia, who no longer exists.
[url= http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Qliphoth_Tool]http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Qliphoth_Tool[/url]

Given the new additions to the Herald of Light archetype, it is possible that one of them could end up being corrupted by the Shadolls into a Herald of Dark Light or something similar. After all, pure light is easily corrupted by shadows.
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PostSubject: Re: Shaddoll History   Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:15 pm

Head... hurts... Thank you though sieg it is interesting getting past the sheer confusion i have


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PostSubject: Re: Shaddoll History   Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:24 am

Diamond Turned into gorgon in the aftermath of his epic final battle in which he was corrupted.
no single gem knight had a chance

None of the Shadolls Powers come from Sofia they all came from the corrupted gem knights.

Taotie is not a corrupted pulao.

Bixi isn't fully corrupted thats why it still works for the Yang zing

Nephilim so far does not have a non corrupted form (I do like ur Sombre theory doh)

Its highly believed that Sombre either did not survive awakening the Yang Zing or that she and the rest of the Constellars Evolved into the Satella knights.

The Yang Zing havnt lost the duel terminal battle and Suanni was Fused with bian and Chiwen to summon Baxia So you shouldn't expect those 3 to appear seperately afterwards.

I've had some interesting discussion about Qliphoth in the DT and so far all i want to tell u Is shits going down and its the Shadolls fault XD.

The Heralds have so far never been in the DT story so even with new support its highly unlikely they'll be a Shaddoll counterpart.
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PostSubject: Re: Shaddoll History   

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Shaddoll History
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