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 Lesson 17 - Attack Replays

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Lesson 17 - Attack Replays Empty
PostSubject: Lesson 17 - Attack Replays   Lesson 17 - Attack Replays I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 10, 2014 1:55 pm

Well yeah this is a lesson. Doubt lev has complaints but I never messaged him on this xD Anyways, I've run into a few people who don't know what an attack replay is so I thought I would post a lesson on it. NOTE: I basically just copied and pasted from the wiki with a few notes since I am lazy

For those of you who don't know, an attack replay is the act of replaying an attack due to the possible attack targets being changed (either because the number of monsters your opponent controls has changed or if your monster is attacking directly, but can no longer do so).

The official rulebook states:

"After you’ve announced your attacking monster and the attack target monster during a Battle Step, the attack target might be removed from the field, or a new monster may be placed on the opponent’s side of the field before the Damage Step, due to a card’s effect. This causes a "Replay". When this occurs, you can choose to attack with the same monster again, or choose to attack with a different monster, or choose not to attack at all. Note that if you attack with a different monster, the first monster is still considered to have declared an attack, and it cannot attack again this turn."

In addition, according to the OCG, if you attack with a different monster, the first monster cannot change to Defense Position during Main Phase 2 since it is still considered to have declared an attack. The same also applies monsters flipped face-down by cards like "Book of Moon" in the Battle Step in response to an attack declaration; that monster then cannot be Flip Summoned in Main Phase 2, because it is still considered to have declared an attack.

NOTE: When a Replay happens, the following things can be done:
◾ Continue your attack.
◾ Stop your attack.
◾ Choose a different attack target.

NOTE: Choosing a different attack target is NOT re-declaring an attack. You are simply choosing another attack target. Things that are activated in response to Attack Declarations (such as "Mirror Force") CANNOT be activated during a replay; however, things that are activated in response of a monster being targeted for an attack and/or a monster targeting a monster for an attack (such as "Maiden with Eyes of Blue") CAN be activated.

NOTE: A Replay does NOT occur in the following situations:
◾ The ATK or DEF of a monster(s) on the field changes.
◾ The battle position of a monster on the field changes.
◾ A monster is summoned to, or removed from, the attacking player's side of the field.

Example 1. : Player 1 has no monsters on the field. Player 2 attacks Player 1 directly with "Dark Magician". Player 1 responds to the attack with a Set "Scapegoat". Since "Dark Magician" can no longer attack Player 1's Life Points directly, Player 2 must choose either to attack a "Sheep Token" or not attack at all. A Replay also occurs when the number of monsters on the opponent's side of the field changes.

In no way do I claim to have written this since I just copied and pasted lmao <-- My note

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Lesson 17 - Attack Replays
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