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 Alternate New Dorm System [updated]

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The Real Lever10
The Real Lever10

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PostSubject: Alternate New Dorm System [updated]   Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:02 pm

It has not been finalized that this is how the dorm system will work, but it has been getting good review and in many ways seems good for the academy. There have been some changes but it is the same idea. Be sure to let me know whether you like the idea, dislike it, or most importantly, any changes you would make to it.

How do I get into a higher dorm?

There would 7 (one for each beast) plus the rainbow dragon dorms. In this dorm system everyone starts at the very bottom dorm. Instead of dueling testers to determine the dorm, you duel other members of the academy. Each member does however have the option testing into a dorm. The test however will be stricter than the one currently existing. Less points will go into focus and attitude and more points will go into ruling, winning, and deck consistency/synergy.

Each person gets one "Duel Chip" (name not final) 24 hours after using the previous one. You can use it to go against someone of your own dorm or higher in a rank-up match. It must be decided prior to the match if you are going to use your chip. When you beat somebody when using your Duel Chip, you gain one point. When you lose when using your Duel Chip, you lose one point. You can not get downgraded dorms or go below 0 points.

How many points do I need to advance to the next dorm?

Whenever you reach a certain point amount, you would rank-up to the next dorm. The points you have will then be reset to 0. The next dorm would take more wins. The current points required I am thinking will be listed.

Dorm 1 to 2: 2
Dorm 2 to 3: 2
Dorm 3 to 4: 3
Dorm 4 to 5: 3
Dorm 5 to 6: 4
Dorm 6 to 7: 5

What if I have a hard time finding someone in my dorm that will do a duel?

When in a rank-up match both people do not have to use their chip. One person could be not using it due to not having one or just helping the other person use theirs. This will be completely okay and the person not using a Duel Chip will not gain or lose any points.

Do I have to duel someone of the same dorm as me?

No, you can duel someone that is a lower or higher dorm than you. However, keep in mind that the person of a higher dorm can not use up their duel chip for the day, but the player of the lower dorm does.

Are there any decks I am not allowed to use?

Yes, the banned decks are the same banned decks for a standard test. These decks are:

OTK/FTK (don't confuse this with the ABILITY to OTK)
Opponent Mill/Deck-out
Alternative Win Conditions (such as horakhty and exodia)

How do I tell the staff whether I win or lose?

There will be a sub forum devoted to this, labeled something along the lines of "Rank-Up Match Results." You post a new topic titled "[Your Username] vs [Opponent's Username]". You will post the images that prove you both agreed to and did or did not use a chip prior to the match, and an image for the end result of each duel in the match. You will also post who win and to what score (either 2-0 or 2-1). If a different format was used, such as TCG or OCG, then that will be posted as well with proof it was agreed upon. If not, it is automatically considered TCG+OCG (TCG rulings and banlist, but every card the OCG has to offer as well are legal).

What if I have already been tested into a dorm?

You will be placed in a dorm based on the point value you got on your previous test. If you wish to test into a new dorm, just ask and there will be a free retest to be placed into a dorm.


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Alternate New Dorm System [updated]
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