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 General Lesson 13 - Evols

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The Real Lever10
The Real Lever10

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PostSubject: General Lesson 13 - Evols   Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:42 pm

I wanted to talk to you guys about one of the decks that never got the chance to shine because an alternate deck for the same purpose was high above it. Back in about late 2012 Evo's came into existance. The idea was to use the reptile Evotile monsters to special summon the dinosaur Evosaur monsters, use a series of effects due to this, then use the new dinosaurs to xyz for a dragon Evolzar that helps ensure a lockdown. This was a fairly long process that was outshined by macro/dino rabbits.

Dino rabbits was the deck that was topping everywhere in the TCG (OCG never had tour guide, so I am uncertain about how it did in the OCG). The idea was to use rescue rabbit, who was unlimited, to much more quickly get the lockdown with evolzar monsters by using dinosaur vanillas. The deck may not always outpace Evo's, but they had plenty room for immense backrow that made them top everywhere in the TCG.

Evo's still haven't been seen doing a whole heck of a lot as of late, however they are getting a new trap card in Primal Origins that speeds up their game and provides much easier lockdowns. In slower formats, like we are in right now, Evols have much more opportunity to take down the meta. They have topped regionals alrady this format without the new card.

Let's get onto the main cards of the deck!

Evoltile Westlo

when Westlo is flipped, special summon an Evolsaur from the deck. This can get off turn two Evolzar plays as well as Evolsaur effects.

Evoltile Najasho

When Najasho is tributed, special summon an Evolsaur from the deck. It may seem slow but with 2000 defense to hold his own and a ridiculous two card combo I will get into later, This card will make the deck explode.

Evolsaur Diplo

When this card is special summoned by the effect of an Evoltile monster, it pops a spell or trap card the opponent controls. It is a free and very easy effect that can get rid of pesky backrow or force unwanted timed use of them that can allow easier plays. Diplo essentially is a plus one when special summoned by an evoltile effect.

Evolsaur Vulcano

When this is special summoned by the effect of an Evoltile monster, it special summon one Evosaur monster from the graveyard. This seems like a much better effect than it actually is because it takes a few turns before evosaurs tend to wind up in the grave, but the effect still can pull some mass Xyz Spam and is a great card.

Evolsaur Cerato

Cerato is basically a 1900 attack beatstick. When it is special summoned by an Evoltile effect, it becomes a 2100 beatstick and whenever it destroyed an opponents monster by battle (even tokens!) it searches for an evoltile and adds it to the hand.

Evolsaur Elias

When it is special summoned by the effect of an Evoltile monster, it can specail summon a level 6 or lower fire dinosaur-type monster from the hand. This is the only level 6 Evol players usually use and often leads to Xyz plays if used.

Evolzar Dolkka

Evolzar Dolkka negates up to 2 monster effects, destoying each. This puts a huge control over the monsters.

Evolzar Laggia

Evolzar Laggia nets so much advantage for being a walking solemn judgment with no cost. The only issue is it can get breakthrough skilled or effect veilered, but the card will almost always take out one of the best cards the opponent has.

Evolzar Solda

The rank 6 Evolzar card that resists destruction and stops multiple special summons.


Evo-Diversity is the searcher for hte deck. The player can only use one per turn, but it searches for any Evoltile or Evolsaur monster from the deck and adds it to the hand.


The player tributes an evotile to special summon an evolsaur from the deck. It is treated as if it was special summoned by the effect of an evotile monster. This is where Najasho can get ridiculous. Setting or normal summoning Najasho and activating this specials two from the deck essentially, getting the effects from both. This triggers both Evolsaur effects. This usually results in two Xyz's or and xyz and backrow removal.


This is the new card coming out in May that made me talk of this. This is a trap that, when activated, special summons and Evolzaur from the extra deck and equips one Evoltile and one Evolsaur monster from the graveyard to it as xyz material. This is an instant Laggia, Dolkka, or whatever other Evolzar with one card. It is like a slightly slower rescue rabbit with a bit more restriction without having to run the vanillas or being restricted to only the rank 4 evolzars. This effect is insane and has won me more than a few duels on Devpro with the few times I have pulled it.


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General Lesson 13 - Evols
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