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 Tamashii Youkai Test Results

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The Real Lever10

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PostSubject: Tamashii Youkai Test Results   Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:19 pm


Match One: Hunder vs Ghostrick

Match Two: Orichalcos vs Gem-knight


Match One: 0/12

I won 2-0


Deck Constrcution Total: 11/24

Number of Cards: 1/2


Deck Consistency: 1/8

I did not see anything good with this really. Between the two matches he managed to stall and use a few flip effects and search for a level 1 monster twice.

Originality: 6/6

Never seen anyone else play Ghostricks

Synergy: 3/6

The deck just didn't have a proper balance, however the cards did still work with eachother having all the flip effects and such. The deck itself seemed a bit too combo based between cards that set my monsters, house, and his own miniature army.

Side Deck Number of Cards: 0/2



Performance Total: 9/22

Focus: 1/2

He was catching my on purpose mistakes, but he could have taken out my set ghostship while I had no facedowns but must have forgotten it had less defense than his monster.

Use of Cards: 8/10

You did not defeat my ghostship while you had the chance. I am not too familiar with this deck, and I do not know that well of what you should have done as opposed to what you did.

Siding: 0/10

No side


Match Two: 5/12

I won 2-1


Deck Constrcution Total: 19/24

Number of Cards: 2/2


Deck Consistency: 6/8

He was always pulling strong monsters relatively easily. He was having a hard time getting the fusion card in the last game I think it was.

Originality: 6/6

Pretty standard with some cards I do not usually see in a gem knight deck, however I almost never see gemknight.

Synergy: 5/6

The cards worked well with each other. He had good power and defensive cards. The only issue is he was so vulnerable to my traps which ultimately costed him the match.

Side Deck Number of Cards: 0/2

No side


Performance Total: 7/22

Focus: 1/2

He didn't catch me special summon gorz with a card in the backrow.

Use of Cards: 6/10

You did what you could, but all that attacking while i had backrow probably wasn't necessary Unless you just didn't have MST's, Darkbribes, heavy storm, and/or amythest in your deck. Also at one point you used rabbit to ultimately pull aquamarine and sacrifice it that turn for ruby. When using Rabbit I am sure you could have pulled a monster with higher attack.

Siding: 0/10

No side.


Ruling: 3/10

He caught some ruling errors I made on purpose and he answered one of the four questions right.

Attitude: 2/2

No issues with his attitude.

Deck Variation: 4/4

Much different decks.


Total: 60/132


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Tamashii Youkai Test Results
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