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 Just Who Are You? A FF6 fanfic

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PostSubject: Just Who Are You? A FF6 fanfic   Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:45 am

Gogo was all alone in her little cave. She had been for what felt like years. Here in the Zone Eater there was no way to tell time, and she could've been here for months, years or even decades. "Now that's just absurd," she thought. "I can't have been her for decades, can I?" She was feeling sick of having forest rodents as meals, but luckily the Zone Eater seemed to have swallowed a group of pheasants, so she was eating well. She hummed a little tune while eating her meal, but stopped when she heard footsteps, human footsteps...
  Hearing the sounds of people, she quickly put on her helmet. Being androphobic she got extremely nervous around men. Especially so if there were no other women with her, ad from how heavy the footfall was, she could tell there was at least one man. At first glance, her helmet looked something of a mix between a hood and and a mask, but in all actuality, it was just a typical crystal helm covered in cloth. Well maybe not typical, as her left horn was a custom addition.
 As the footsteps drew closer, she started to hear a conversation. First a somewhat loud voice, which likely belonged to a male in his late teens or early twenties. He said with much flamboyance, "Wow, look at all the cool treasure we found in here guys! I told you we'd find some good stuff in here!" "Sir Locke," said another voice, probably in his late forties, "I doubt a hairpin and a jacket would qualify as treasure, even to one such as thyself." The first voice replied something along the lines of "You couldn't tell a piece of treasure if it cut you into pieces," and his real words caused Gogo to blush as they were quite..."colorful."
  A third voice, this time female, and like the first voice, probably around twenty, intervened saying, "Girls, girls, you're both pretty, but let's just fininsh exploring this place, and get out of here!" Both men grumbled, "Fine...," and the female voice whispered something Gogo couldn't hear, and then the three slowly walked in Gogo's general direction, worried there might be a monster.
  Gogo came out of her hiding spot and said in a deep voice, "What business do you have in my lair?" "wh-who are you," asked the female voice. "I am Gogo, jack of all trades, and master of mimicry. I have stated my name, but who are you?" The female voice said," I am Terra Brandford, and these are my companions, Locke Cole and Cyan Garamonde. Locke is a thief-" "TREASURE HUNTER!!!" "-Okay, treasure hunter, and cyan is, er rather, was, the retainer to the king of Doma."
  "Was? did something happen to king Geoffory? Did the Cristophe family attack? if so, why didn't Doma's espers help?" "Cristophes? Leo would never do such a thing. Leo was a good man," said Terra with a tear in her eye, remembering the noble general. Cyan looked at Terra and whispered to her, "Miss Terra, Doma hasn't had a king Geoffory in more than a thousand years."

End Of Chapter 1
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Just Who Are You? A FF6 fanfic
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