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 general homework 9 - duel puzzle 2

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PostSubject: general homework 9 - duel puzzle 2   Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:12 pm

Remember you MUST pm me the answer or you will be accused of cheating. If you can not pm it to me then e-mail it to RDDA.staff@gmail.com and I will respond back to either your username here or your email (if you have a preference be sure to say which one). You must include your username in the email if you choose this method.

Opponents life points: 6900
Your life points: 8000

Opponents field:
3x Blue-eyes White Dragon
Skill drain
Tornado Wall

Your field:
Lumina lightsworn summoner

Your hand:
chaos sorcerer
2x plaguespreader zombie
2x Effect veiler
Mystical space typhoon

Your grave:
2x lightpulsar dragon
wulf, lightsworn beast

Extra deck:
armory arm
Ally of justice catastor
Orient dragon
Jeweled archfiend dragon
scrap dragon
Gauntlet launcher


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general homework 9 - duel puzzle 2
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