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 Drewzer44's Test Results

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The Real Lever10

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PostSubject: Drewzer44's Test Results   Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:43 am


Match One: Hunders Vs Madolche

Match Two: Orichalcos Vs Constellar


Match One: 0/10

I won 2-0


Deck Constrcution Total: 14/17

Number of Cards: 2/2

Deck Consistency and Synergy: 6/9
He often had monsters in his grave, as it was unavoided. Cards like Eatos really didn't work. Plus the deck was pretty slow and he never got a chance to use mesengelato's effect which is pretty crucial, nor did he ever get queen.

Originality and Rarity: 4/4
The addition of striker and eatos i have not seen before. Madolche are not too common.

Side Deck Number of Cards: 2/2


Performance Total: 14/16

Focus: 2/2
Didn't make any mistakes

Use of Cards: 7/8
He used bottomless on maestroke which ultimately is a waste of a perfectly good bottomless.

Siding: 5/6
sided in 2 fossil pachys, one double summon, 2 vanity's emptiness, 1 dark hole, and 1 horn. It is 5 because these are good sides and he has a good side deck, but it was nowhere close to perfect.


Match two: 10/10

He won 2-0


Deck Constrcution Total: 14/17

Number of Cards: 2/2

Deck Consistency and Synergy: 8/9
As with most constellars the cards worked fantastically together and he got good searchers. My main issue with the deck (and proven by the deck list) is it seems to have bad hand advantage.

Originality and Rarity: 2/4
Constellars are relatively common but i dont see them TOO too much.

Side Deck Number of Cards: 2/2


Performance Total: 11/16

Focus: 2/2

Use of Cards: 4/8
He had one oppurtunity to finish me off but xyz'ed with his monsters instead, thus reducing damage and giving me one more turn to try to help myself. Constellars have a thing with spell speed 2 effects on their major xyz monsters (like omega and pleides) and he did not use that to his advantage. He was using omega before doing anything else while i would have one set card (chaining is better, especially if i could have chained it and it was compulsory or something like that). Also with pleides when killed he could have returned tenki to get another kaus on a couple of occasions, but didn't.

Siding: 5/6
He sided in 1 prohibition, 2 fossil pachys, mind control, xyz reborn, and vanity's emptiness
Not perfect but pretty good judging by experience.


Ruling: 7/8
Perfect on questions. Only issue I have is he tried to use maxx C on an inherit summon and draw from it.

Attitude: 3/3
Great guy, really pushed for success.

Deck Variation: 3/3
Constellars and Madolche

Special Stipulation:

Total: 75/100

Welcome to Tiger Yellow!


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Drewzer44's Test Results
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