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 Archon The Forbidden's Test Results

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The Real Lever10

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PostSubject: Archon The Forbidden's Test Results   Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:40 pm


Match One: Divine Ninja vs Nordic

Match Two: Crystal Beast vs Constellar


Match One: 4/10

I won 2-1


Deck Constrcution Total: 11/17

Number of Cards: 2/2

Deck Consistency and Synergy: 4/9

He managed an Odin at one point. He was extremely vulnerable to MST's which so far has been very common in this format due to his use of his nordic lights field spell. As with most nordic decks it was too slow to consistently pull aesirs.

Originality and Rarity: 4/4

Nordics are quite rare

Side Deck Number of Cards: 1/2



Performance Total: 8/16

Focus: 0/2

He fell for numerous tricks and was forgetting effects.

Use of Cards: 5/8

He kept playing that field spell even though it was quite obvious I run several MST's in the deck due to me constantly popping it. Also he played it the turn after i searched divine wind and was yet to play it.

Siding: 3/6

Sided in a maya and Maxx "C". Maxx C could easily get 2-4 cards depending on the turn or just stop me completely.


Match two: 4/10

I won 2-1


Deck Constrcution Total: 13/17

Number of Cards: 2/2


Deck Consistency and Synergy: 8/9

Was pulling several xyz monsters. His hand was almost always down to almost zero cards without set spell/trap cards after the first turn.

Originality and Rarity: 1/4

Constellars are pretty common

Side Deck Number of Cards: 2/2



Performance Total: 7/16

Focus: 0/2

He was falling for my tricks, such as me not banishing birdman.

Use of Cards: 2/8

Several plays could have been better. For example I had a carbuncle in defense, chidori, and Zeman while he had less than 4400 life points and the Chidori had a material. He had kaus and a tenki out with nothing else in hand or field. He should have suicided to kill chidori for a CHANCE to survive an extra turn instead of attacking carbuncle. Detach chidori and instant 4400 damage. Also he was not utilizing the advantage point of Omega's effect being spell speed 2, allowing him to use it in chain to cards like mirror force. He kept using it during his main phase when no cards would have affected it. Also he spent nearly his whole hand to get a close victory (would have left me at 200 while he had no chance for cowboy). Then he charged while I had 2 backrow. Pleides should have at least popped one of the backrow to protect him a bit better. Mirror force won me that game.

Siding: 5/6

Mirror force, veiler, and maxx "C". Depending on the time he used maxx C he could have either stopped me doing major plays and still draw 2 cards, or drawn between 4 and 6. Mirror force doenst really help that much against crystal beasts generally, but veiler is a great card for stopping annoying cards like chidori.


Ruling: 6/8

4/6 for 2 correct ruling questions, 2/2 for in game ruling

Attitude: 2/3

Cocky at times which probably harmed him.

Deck Variation: 3/3

Constellars and Nordics are very different.

Special Stipulation:

-2 He got a disconnect while it was relatively obvious I had a great hand and he did not.

Total: 66/100

Barely made Tiger Yellow. Congrats


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Archon The Forbidden

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PostSubject: Re: Archon The Forbidden's Test Results   Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:27 pm

woot, woot, bare minimum ftw
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Archon The Forbidden's Test Results
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