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 Horakhty Ryan Test Results

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The Real Lever10

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PostSubject: Horakhty Ryan Test Results   Thu Jul 25, 2013 12:11 am

note* Due to having to go we had to stop after one match. At a later time the other match will be done to decide what dorm he will go in. Also note that Horakhty Ryan is using real life decks that he is not spending a hundreds of dollars on.


Match One: Hunders Vs. One Man Army

Match Two: Battlin' Boxers Vs Six Samurai


Match One: 0/12

I won 2-0


Deck Constrcution Total: 12/24

Number of Cards: 1/2


Deck Consistency: 2/8

The deck was focused around maha vylo. He had only 9 extra deck cards, yet plenty of level 3s and 4s which supply many really good rank 3 and 4 xyz monsters. He had plenty of cards that cycle through his deck, but relying on one card and have it equipped by many equipment cards leaves the deck inconsistent and a slight bit vulnerable even. He did have gagagashield, but that still wouldn't stop cards like dimensional prison, chidori, heavy storm, or paladynamo. The deck probably did need more trap balancing.

Originality: 6/6

It isn't a deck seen at all really. The use of gagaga monsters/traps and gogogo monsters in that kind of deck I have not seen before.

Synergy: 1/6

The deck had some slight stalling like utopia and gagaga gardna and some cards to thin out the deck and draw into it more for what he needed. The main thing that got me was he had 6 cards in his hand filled with cards that couldn't do anything for him but survive a few attacks after his deck let me pile on so many monsters with different effects.

Side Deck Number of Cards: 2/2


Performance Total: 7/22

Focus: 1/2

He misread kunai with chain's effect. However he did catch me trying to use sishunder's effect to send a monster straight to my hand, and he also caught me trying to special summon the turn i used thunder sea horse's effect.

Use of Cards: 4/10

He didn't set a bottomless when he had nothing in his backrow and no gorz in hand, he didn't make use of the monster reborn/reincarnation he had in his hand towards the very end of the duel just for a shear off chance he could survive using gagaga gardna, and when using stone excavation he discarded a dark hole for reinforcement of the army. Dark hole clearing the field is much better than pulling utopia when gardna was on the field. One thing he did do is leave his field right open for me to attack with 4 monsters, the strongest having 2500 ATK. If all 4 attacks made it through, he would have lost. He waited until 3 monsters attacked to use gorz. I see no reason to wait for the fourth attack than to pop him out the first attack.

Siding: 2/10

He sided MST and heavy storm against a deck with about 7 trap cards when he saw 1 or 2. Granted every trap card I had required some condition to activate it, making it not possible to chain to MST or Heavy Storm.


Match Two: 0/12

I won 2-0


Deck Constrcution Total: 17/24

Number of Cards: 1/2


Deck Consistency: 5/8

He was attempting some lockdowns and the deck itself did pretty well, however the second game he didn't give out anything really. He pulled a couple synchros, but he didnt really stand a chance with the lack of any good cards. However he did have the appropriate searches.

Originality: 5/6

Six samurais are becoming less common, and now you are using some cards in the deck that are specifically for six samurai, but are not used in the standard build.

Synergy: 5/6

The searches and the synchros all worked well together. You had a good trap balance and everything. The match didn't go onto a third round so i dont know if that second game was a bad luck, but I did see you due at another point and you had good hands 2/3 times. It is probably just the horrid luck. However I do believe the deck could assist from a bit more variety of cards in the extra deck.

Side Deck Number of Cards: 2/2



Performance Total: 9/22

Focus: 2/2

He was catching every rule I stretched or broke to try to slip him up. To my knowledge he wasn't making misclicks or anything.

Use of Cards: 5/10

Using a search I thought he should have pulled something like grandmaster, and he admitted he didn't pull the best choice. In the second round he got a bit frustrated with his luck and just summoned two kageki's while he didn't have any rank 3 xyz's. and all that was out was stardust for him.

Siding: 2/10

He did side Dark Bribe and heavy storm. This can help stop the fiendish chains and solemns I set up however this is the same issue as the first time he sided. He is siding back row control in a deck with monsters being the main issue and back row being very few.


Ruling: 2/10

He thought gorz could be special summoned when a lone monster with no spell or trap cards was destroyed and damage was dealt, not knowing that the damage calculation comes before the monster is destroyed. He also thought Utopia can stop his own attack when honest's effect activates during the battle phase. He incorrectly answered 3 questions and 1 correctly.

Attitude: 2/2

No attitude issues. Great guy during the test and outside of the test.

Deck Variation: 4/4

Exact opposites really. One deck masses one deck works towards one monster.


Total: 53/132


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Horakhty Ryan Test Results
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