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 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP - Lore

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PostSubject: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP - Lore   Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:27 am

The Survival of Pokemon Civilization

The earliest the pokemon know of is when the written language was made. Before that all we knew pokemon settled into an area known as the capitol. Normally everybody would farm. Eventually an attack from three bird pokemon devastated them. The icy power of Articuno, Electrical power of Zapdos, and Firey flames of Moltres was way too much for them to handle. Many survivors created their first military system to fight them off while others worked even harder to feed their families and the troops. After a couple weeks the king ordered to attack Articuno's home. Approaching it they discovered a mysterious blue stone. Articuno found the soldiers and attacked. Eventually one of them made their way to the stone. He grabbed and was about to chuck it at Articuno until it stopped attacking. It just flew there. Fear? Doubt? Guilt? Whatever it was Articuno stopped attacking due to this stone. Going back to the king with news, he ordered the troops to retrieve a similar stone from Moltres and Zapdos, who successfully did so. Knowing of their raw power, the king ordered to have each legendary bird locked away with the power of a spell and the stones and the stones be put far away where nobody will find them. He ordered three of his most loyal troops to do their best hiding them and to not allow anybody, not even the king know at any time where the stones are. The loyal troops agreed they would do his bidding by not returning.

Ever since this incident the king has started to create an army. Villages have been splattered around in fruit abundant areas to make getting everybody in the kingdom fed easily. Few of the village people know of this lore, but one day it is said that they will be the first to be struck down if the 3 Birds ever unleash their wrath again.


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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP - Lore
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